CCHD still pimping for Obama

When a charitable organization such as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has given millions of dollars to help other organizations – such as the local affiliates of the various Alinskyian organizing networks – to become established and to expand their activities, one is shocked to see these networks turn against their benefactor in a manner designed to destroy it.  Such an action betrays the truth that the Church is not only unnecessary to these groups, once they have become established, but stands as a counter-principle to their real work.  It’s taken the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church in the United States a while to figure this out…(Source)
The only way out of this nightmare in the U.S. and Canada is for individual bishops to pull the plug, not only on these scam “Catholic” organizations, but maybe even on the whole National Conference bureaucracies.
“Unity”, after all, has its limits.  And that limit is reached when an unborn child loses its head or the Church is forced to pay for somone else’s perverse sexual appetites.
This is making me sick.

One thought on “CCHD still pimping for Obama

  1. It is causing many to leave the church. These Bishops will have much to answer for. At this rate the
    Catholic Church in the US and other western countries is going to fall under quasi state control as it is in China.
    There is no time to wait for the old, glad handing “go along get along” bishops and priests to retire. It is time for-dare i say it- a total and immediate purge.
    We have run out of time.

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