CCCB Streaming in 2011, But Still Doing 1970s Media Relations

As Steve reported earlier today on our blog, the CCCB refused LifeSite News access to their Plenary Assembly.  That’s unfortunate, of course, because if LifeSite had just mentioned Socon or Bust’s name at the door, the CCCB’s bouncer would have let them pass.  Ah well, lost opportunities.  Maybe next year.

I see that the lapdog press was afforded their very comfortable accommodations at the Plenary again.  They even streamed it LIVE! to the 15 people who were watching it.   Yes, it’s true.  When I tuned in, the counter oscillated between a whole 13-15 people at any one time.  Talk about blowing the Nielsen ratings off of the chart, eh?!

Anyways, getting down to business, I’d like to offer a few remarks….

First of all, all joking aside, this is a very sad day for Canadian Catholicism.  In truth, there haven’t been many happy ones these past 40 years, but this pathetic display of media yokelism really does scrape the bottom of the barrel.  In this age of instant communication, verification, and exposure, what kind of true media professional would engage the most significant life and faith news service in Canada with such pedestrian treatment?  Transparency from the CCCB? From D&P?  You must be joking.

What happened to the happy, clappy, sappy “let’s all dialogue and be friends” attitude that permeates just about every other CCCB game in Church politics?   Dissenters get invitedPro-abort, pro-gay politicians get extolled as advancing the common goodTheir ecumenical partners are “strong witnesses” to Jesus, even though they’re pro-abort and pro-sodomy.   But for some reason, they can’t stand to allow a faithful Catholic to report the truth of what they are doing, or interview bishops to find out what’s really going on about subjects that matter the most to faithful Catholics — like the baby-killing political machinery that they keep financing in the Global South, year after year.

Never once have they ever objected to false reporting.  Never once have they disputed the facts.  They simply can’t stand the idea that the truth actually binds them and compels them into action – even if it’s almost three years later since the abortion scandal came to light.  They can’t stand the light, so they foolishly try to extinguish it and remarkably believe that by shutting their doors and hiding in their caves, that all of their problems will just magically disappear to the soothing sounds of intermission music provided by our Channel of Hope. 

Talk about trying to stifle the truth by shooting the messenger

Now, that’s not the spirit of Vatican II, is it?  You know, opening the doors,  aggiornamento, and all that jazz?  Does that only apply to their invited homosexualist observers and their ecumenical abortion partners?  It sure looks like it.  They feign insult and injury and speak indignantly about having their feathers ruffled, while blindly financing the <ahem> “social justice” industry which severs the tongues of unborn children.  Instead of facing the truth like men and meeting face to face, they hide behind their media personnel who give us rote lines like:

“We regret to inform you that your request has been denied and you will not be granted access to this year’s meeting.”

“The leadership of our Conference has expressed serious concerns over the manner in which positions have been taken by your organization.” 

 “Our Executive Officers in turn have indicated that the CCCB Media Relations Officer should exercise caution in dealing with your organization.”

Spoken like true professional Catholics who are too drunk on their own Koolaid to realize that, although they’re streaming in 2011, their approach to communications belongs in the 70s with shag carpet and typewriter bells.

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