CCCB Says Layton Advanced The Common Good

CLC rating: Pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage
Rating Comments: Layton is a pro-abortion extremist. As a Toronto City Councillor he used to stand outside abortion facilities and encourage the police to arrest peaceful pro-life protesters. (Source)

 Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:  “He was a dedicated politician who served his country with devotion and generosity, was concerned for the common good..”

It all depends on what your definition of the “common good” is.  Obviously, for the Canadian Bishops, the unborn are not really included in their definition, to say nothing about the  pro-life witnesses who were threatened.  Otherwise, why would the Bishops make such a false statement?  You can’t advance the common good by advancing abortion and encouraging the cops to arrest peaceful pro-lifers.  That doesn’t say much for Jack’s regard for freedom of speech, either, does it?

Can’t say that I’m surprised really. We are talking about the same group of bishops who continue to support Development & Peace – nearly three years after their abortion scandal was exposed.  Makes total sense to me.  I’m not surprised in the least.  Proportionalism is their creed.

This is precisely, my friends, why these National Episcopal Conferences need to be suppressed and disbanded.  While I have no doubt that they are speaking for the sentiments of the majority bishops in this country, I wonder if all of the bishops of this country would appreciate the CCCB’s…uh…”small exaggeration” about Jack’s concern for the common good.

While I don’t wish to rain on Jack’s parade, I think it’s incumbent on serious Catholics and pro-lifers to stay sober among all of the inebriation.

6 thoughts on “CCCB Says Layton Advanced The Common Good

  1. In a country where Politically Correct Relativism is enforced by decree by evil politicians, their followers in the popular media, education establishments, and courts what else could one expect. In 2008 concerned citizens united to force Parliament to change rotten Legislation and Supreme Court Law. Don’t you know that there is a Culture War raging? The people who pass bad laws and have evil policies ought not to be commended for them. It is similar to giving an abortionist The Order of Canada, or teaching school children perversion by decree. To many people who call themselves Christians are absent without leave in The Culture War raging in Canada.

  2. Just another example of the Bishops sticking their noses where they don’t belong. They should preach the Gospel straight up and leave interpretations of politics and economics to the flock. The “common good” is certainly not optimized by a socialist philosophy practiced by a man of questionable moral character to put it charitable. The Bishops by endorsing this guy and his politics further reduce what is left of their credibility. Saint Paul urges us to be obedient to our Bishops but these guys are making it very difficult.

  3. Hey Pacheco, ever thought about organizing a “moral Protest” to encourage the disbanding of the CCCB or to clean up their act? Think about the media coverage it’d get.

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