CCCB feeling the budget pinch?

I received this email from the CCCB publications office:

Economic realities beyond our control have led the Bishops of Canada to make a difficult decision. In the coming days, important changes will be implemented which will affect the manner in which orders are processed. We will no longer be processing orders on-site and will transfer these operations to an off-site location here in Ontario.

From 11:59 pm on Friday, October 26 until 12:00 am, November 6, 2012 our Order taking service will be closed. Neither live nor automated orders will be taken during this period. We regret this inconvenience. However, except for this brief period, no further difficulties should be encountered in this process. We thank you for your valued patronage and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

CCCB Publications

While this release is about as non-transparent as everything else the CCCB does, it appears they’re feeling some sort of money crunch, at least in the publications office, if not elsewhere in the bureaucracy. Perhaps the collection of the “Needs of the Church in Canada” wasn’t so good? 😉

I take no pleasure in anybody losing their job, but sometimes it takes a bit of trauma to rouse people from their slumber.

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  1. According to the Catholic Register and Lifesitenews, the fall 2012 D&P campaign was cancelled. It is interesting to note that the CCCB webpage has a notice of the “2012 Fall Campaign on it.” What’s up with that?

    MONTREAL, Sept. 19, 2012 ( – In an unprecedented move, Canada’s bishops have put a halt to Development and Peace’s fall education campaign after several bishops refused to allow the materials into their parishes. The bishops’ beleaguered aid organization was forced to delay its traditional campaign until mid-October for revisions after complaints that it was too politically-focused, reports the Catholic Register’s Michael Swan. According to the news agency, it is the first time the bishops have directly intervened to stop one of D&P’s education campaigns. CCCB President Archbishop Richard Smith and General Secretary Msgr. Pat Powers contacted D&P with the news Sept. 5th and apparently did so without consulting members of the CCCB’s Standing Committee on Development & Peace. “I kind of feel out in the cold on this,” Bishop Richard Grecco of Charlottetown, one of the committee members, told the Register…. “I was aware that the president of the conference sent out a letter, but there’s been no follow-up with me directly,” said Bishop John Boissonneau, an auxiliary in Toronto and another committee member.
    2012 fall campaign of Development and Peace

    The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) has launched its 2012 fall campaign, focusing on the importance of international development assistance and foreign aid. The campaign urges Canadian Catholics to become better informed about the issues involved — by meeting with their members of Parliament, by becoming members of Development and Peace, and by making financial contributions to Development and Peace. The materials for the campaign can be freely downloaded from the CCODP website.

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