CCCB Delegation Led By Feminists

As some of you might know, our CCCB and D&P executives made a recent trip to Haiti to survey Canadian Catholic efforts in rebuilding that country.  Canadian Catholics have been especially generous to these efforts:

…Canadian Catholics donated more than $20 million towards emergency relief and long-term reconstruction efforts in Haiti. Of that money, Development and Peace has already disbursed $2.8 million for emergency relief through 24 partners, including several religious communities. It has committed $10 million for reconstruction projects for 2011-2013. The bishops will also “recognize and encourage the dedicated work of Canadian religious and other Canadian volunteers in Haiti,” according to a Dec. 8 news release announcing the mission…. (Source)

Recently, Socon or Bust  warned our readers to never give D&P any money, despite Archbishop Richard Smith’s plea to “trust us”:

Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton told Canadian Catholic News’ Deborah Gyapong that those Catholics who are feeling “panicky and worried” over the D&P situation should “step back and take a breath and look at gently and simply at what the bishops are asking for and simply trust the bishops and the leadership of Development and Peace to move forward on this.” (Source)

Socon our Bust demurred from this trust.  It looks like our decision to demur was well-founded. Check this out from a Socon or Bust reader… (Readers are cautioned on viewing the art. It’s ghastly.) 

The President and Vice-President of the CCCB visited Haiti in a mission trip. This series of photos shows their visit to MUPANAH, the Haitian national museum. Guiding them on this visit is Lody Auguste. Who is Lody Auguste? Check out her Facebook profile. She is a “women’s health” activist. In French “women’s health” usually encompasses abortion. She is the founder of APROSIFA, an organization which runs a clinic in a Haitian shanty town. This clinic is involved with children and women’s health. It does a lot of good things. However, it is also involved in “reproductive rights”. For instance, George Soros gave APROSIFA a $9500 grant to translate to Creole the book “Where there is no doctor  which has a chapter on how to self-abort (it has also been translated into Filipino as per this LifeNews article). APROSIFA also shells out contraception.  Cursor up from page 185 to 169 and read page 169.  Source: Reproducing inequities: poverty and the politics of population in Haiti by M. Catherine Maternowska p.169). And oh yeah, D & P claims to support this organization.  And here are the heads of the CCCB standing around with this woman who is a contraception activist, and probably an abortion activist, too. I know people are kind of fed up with D&P but it just shows the hierarchy *are not getting it*.

No, my dear reader, they are not getting it at all.  They simply do not want to face the real issue. They think that putting in processes will fix what is essentially a moral problem with the sexual orientation of D&P’s management and the CCCB itself.  In regards to Haiti, Socon or Bust did some work in investigating D&P’s funding of pro-abort, anti-life groups in this country.  (LifeSite News coverage here.)

One of those groups was an organization called Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP) which advocates for the euphemisms of “sexual education and responsible parenthood”.  MPP also advocates for “women’s rights” and is a founding member of CLOC (Source).  CLOC, of course, is another Development & Peace pro-abort partner which was exposed by LifeSiteNews in April 2009.

Below you will see a video of Archbishop Richard Smith, the president of the CCCB, giving his thoughts about MPP’s efforts, while visiting the headquarters of Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP) during his trip:

Does the Archbishop know that Canadian Catholics are funding an organization which he refers to as a “center of formation”, whose views are in direct contradiction to the Catholic faith’s teaching on human life?  Probably not.  Should he know? Yes.

The bishops can no longer claim ignorance. They know who they are dealing with in the management of D&P, and they choose to be willfully led by people who are not interested in following the Church’s teaching on human life. How can anyone take them seriously when they seek to teach us about valuing human life. Is this some kind of joke?  The bishops are all hip to the new technology, but when it come to using Google to ferret out who’s been naughty or nice, somehow they’re back in the 70s with typewriters.

The social justice song hasn’t missed a beat. 20 million dollars going to Haiti for God knows what.  There’s going to be hell to pay one day.

I’m going to miss blogging about D&P.   They’re the “gift” that just keeps on giving.

6 thoughts on “CCCB Delegation Led By Feminists

  1. Dear Socon our Bust
    Have you, or anyone you know, summerized the actions of the people and groups who Development and Peace partners with AND forwarded this to the CCCB or Rome? If Yes, what has been the response?

  2. Thanks John for your continued efforts—don’t give up, because that’s what they would like!! I tell people at my church and I feel like I’m a voice crying in the wilderness—people are so apathetic and blind like sheep!!! led astray—–

    Merry Christmas—You are doing what is right and good, at least in my opinion!!

  3. Thank you John,
    I have learned that when you stick out your neck, it gets cut off and you suffer alone. You have done far more to get at the truth with Development & Peace than anybody I know. You will be missed.

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