CCCB Declines Dialogue with LifeSite

TORONTO, October 1, 2009 ( – On Saturday, September 25, Monsignor Mario Paquette the General Secretary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops informed that our offer of dialogue with the bishops of Canada at their upcoming October 19-23 Plenary meeting was declined.

On July 22 LSN offered “to make a brief 15-minute presentation and be available to answer questions for as long as the Bishops wish, at the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops in Cornwall this October.” (LSN) responded to the request for dialogue contained in a June 29 report from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Bishops Martin Currie and François Lapierre, co-authors of the report, stated: “We make an urgent appeal to the leadership of Lifesite News that it establish an open and fruitful dialogue …We also hope there will be a means for frank and transparent dialogue between Lifesite and the Bishops of Canada.”… read the rest here.

I’m waiting for the CCCB to invite me to make a presentation.  I’m sure the invitation will arrive any day now. 😎

One thought on “CCCB Declines Dialogue with LifeSite

  1. When more than ever dialogue is needed, the leadership turns a blind eye. In the last 500 years has the C.C. ever been interested in discussing the problems within?

    The Church is certainly in need of purification and reformation, BUT WHERE WILL IT BEGIN?

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