CCCB Comes To The Defense Of Arrested Carleton Students

Yes, folks, that’s right!  They finally did it….well…kind of.

You see, while Ruth Lobo got cuffed and herded into an awaiting Police paddy wagon for valiantly defending the unborn children of this country, our ever-vigilant bishops were trying to make our society safer by advocating for lesser sentences and fewer jails.

Increasing levels of incarceration of marginalized people is counter productive and undermines human dignity in our society. By contrast, well supervised probation on release, bail options, reporting centers, practical assistance, supportive housing, programs that promote accountability, respect and reparation: these measures have all been well-established, but they are underfunded. Their outcomes have proven to be the same or better in terms of re-offending rates, at a fraction of the cost and with much less human damage. (Source)

While the Catholic bishops of this country decry just sentences and just punishments to protect our society, their own flock are handcuffed and herded into cop vans and treated like common criminals for speaking up for the unborn children of this country.  100,000 unborn Canadian children are mercilessly torn apart in their mothers’ wombs in this country and their witnesses are being persecuted and arrested for standing for life, but despite all of this and for some bizarre reason, the grossly negligent bishops of this country want to focus on making convicted criminals’ sentences lighter and softer, while ignoring the massive encroachment of basic justice and freedom that their own children are suffering.

But there’s a silver lining in all this. Yes indeedy: at least pro-lifers can count on the Bishops fighting for better rehabilitation programs like  “bail options, reporting centers, practical assistance, supportive housing, etc.”  for pro-lifers when they are “convicted” of  showing the truth of what abortion is.

We all must piously wonder just where would we be without such courageous leadership from our holy fathers.

3 thoughts on “CCCB Comes To The Defense Of Arrested Carleton Students

  1. Well, I guess the Ontario Bishops could ‘OK’ the so-called gender neutral sex ed program. That would be more pathetic.( How does that work anyway? Who speaks for ‘ON Bishops’?)

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