CCCB buries head in Haitian sand as D&P continues to support pro-abort group

One of the first D&P pro-abort partners which Socon or Bust outed in our investigation three years ago was a group called Fanm Deside.  Here’s what we found out:

Fanm Deside has a pro-abortion stance. In their PowerPoint presentation located here at Slide 16, the presentation mentions having organized a day of reflection on the decriminalisation of abortion. (Source)

Soon thereafter, LifeSite News published their own report on this group (along with another group). You can read that report here.

A few posts ago, we highlighted how the CCCB was being hosted by two other anti-life groups in Haiti. (There’s now 4 D&P anti-life groups in Haiti that we know of.)

And just when you thought our bishops could not be more clueless or flippant to concerns raised by the pro-life community, fear not, my dear friends!  The CCCB’s clueless campaign continues!  Yes indeedy.

Check this out.  Apparently the bishops went to visit Fanm Deside in Haiti.

When arriving in Jacmel late Sunday afternoon, the Canadian delegation was first received by 10 women from Fanm Deside…

Development and Peace has contributed $250,000 over two years to assist Fanm Deside, in part for the construction of a shelter for women and children seeking protection from domestic violence.

But wait!  It looks like the bishops are not that clueless after all.  They know about the allegations.  Check this out:

When asked about some commentators in Canada who say women’s groups such as Fanm Deside are radical critics of Church teaching, [Vicar General, Father Théodule Domond] said this was certainly not true in the southeast region of Haiti, adding he did not know any women in the movement who were critical of the Church or its teachings. At the same time, he said, there can be individuals or currents in any association that do not reflect its basic principles and objectives. “The same is also true for the Church itself,” he added. “There are Catholics and even homilists who criticize everything about women’s issues, even though these critics do not reflect what is the teaching of the Church.”

Really, Father?  Then why was their website littered with feminist propaganda and advocacy for the depenalization of abortion?  Of course the abortion propaganda is not their now. It’s been all scrubbed which is a typical reaction of D&P’s pro-abort groups after they’ve been busted. See also the Arriaga scrub here.  There’s been many others as well, for the record.

Actually, there are now 2 Fanm Deside’s!

They have been divided into 2 web addresses recently (.com and .org.).  The .org address had the objectionable material on it. The .com address is the current one which mentions D&P’s support.  Are they different organizations?

No, they are the same outfit.

Coincidentally, the .com address looks like it was only created this past Summer, and the .org address (around since 2008) has been completely scrubbed and remade into a blog with only two entries.

Were interested parties in the social justice gig involved in the make-over and separation? That’s an interesting question we’d all like to know, fa’ shoah.

Contact Information on the .Com site

Pour toute question ou commentaire, contactez-nous au:
Sant Sosyal Lakonbit, Lamandou, Jacmel HAITI
Boite postale 81
Tel:(509) 2514-6768/3783-6123/3887-9318

Contact Information on the .Org site is not available now (that’s a surprise!), but lookie what you can find out about this same site using the WayBack Machine (screen capture on Jan.7, 2009):

So both of these websites have the same mailing address and phone number. It’s the same people (or as good as).

That means the “decriminalization of abortion” on their own website charge still sticks on Fanm Deside, however they want to split their websites.

But even the .com address (where D&P is proudly listed) has incriminating involvements on their home page:

  • Appuyer les efforts de la CONAP (Coordination Nationale de Plaidoyer pour les Droits des Femmes)
  • Participer aux activités de la Marche mondiale des femmes


  • Support the efforts of CONAP (National Coordination of Advocacy for the Rights of Women)
  • Participate in the World March of Women

Here’s what CONAP is about:

Women’s groups have been meeting since November, 2002, in a network called the National Coalition for Women’s Rights (CONAP). Their goal is to pressure Parliament into repealing the laws that criminalize adultery and amending those concerning rape and a women’s right to divorce her husband. They are also seeking the decriminalization of abortion and legislation to protect the numerous domestic workers (restavèk) against abuse. The creation of this feminist platform represents an important step forward and it is to be hoped that Haitian women will pursue this work of integration and develop partnerships with their sisters throughout the continent. (Source: Rights & Democracy, Haiti: A Bitter Bicentennial – Report of a mission by Rights & Democracy September 2003, p.47)

Here’s more interesting information about CONAP’s radical feminism here, here, and here.

When the feminists at Fanm Deside say they support CONAP, does that mean with Catholic money?  It sure looks like it.

No wonder 10 feminists came to greet the Church sugar daddies when they arrrived.   Would you give up $250K?  When has a pro-life group anywhere in the Global South received this kind of cash from the CCCB?

And Archbishop Smith wants us to trust the bishops?

There’s an appropriate response at this time of year to that proposal:

Bah. Humbug.


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