Are the CCCB’s reforms of D&P toothless? Time and money will tell.

The relevant part runs from 2:29-5:58.  (The original link was removed.  The embedding is no longer an option.)

A few remarks…..

#1 – So according to Bishop Henry, the local bishop will not have a veto on whether D&P gets to fund a partner. That’s what he said.  Instead, there’s discussion and collaboration and committees and deliberations and dialogues and all the rest of the hot air.  Maybe this is just political lingo to assuage D&P supporters, and some real reforms are indeed coming.  But I would like to share a very simple scenario which could very well play out:

Suppose a local bishop does not approve of money being given to a group.  And suppose further that D&P is really hot to give said group the money.  (Let’s think back, for instance, to the Arriaga affair). And suppose further that the Canadian bishops and D&P side with their partner and against the local bishop’s judgement. What then? Is Bishop Fred going to say that he approves, IN PRINCIPLE, that another foreign  bishop (or his bishops’ conference) can disregard the will of the local bishop in matters concerning Catholic sacrificial offerings for the local bishop’s diocese?

Good luck with that.  Isn’t there something in canon law which would prohibit that?  I think there is.  If a local bishop does not have a veto, then there’s still a major problem with this setup.  (This will be a topic for a future blog post here on Socon or Bust too.)

I guess there will be a perpetual role for Socon or Bust to feret out those partners where the local bishop is either ignored (accidentally of course!) or dismissed.   Our efforts, however, will be dependent on whether D&P and the CCCB tell us where they are spending Catholic money.  That’s not really guaranteed, either.  How do you feel about that, dear reader?  Do you think it is transparent and fair that you not know the identity of the groups you are giving money to, especially when the same D&P management is deciding where donations are going?

#2 – Did you get a kick out of +Fred referring to Caritas veritate as  “expanding” the bishops “conceptual framework” when asked about transparency?  I thought that was a hoot.  So, let me get this straight:   neither Development & Peace nor the CCCB knew that funding pro-abort pimps shouldn’t be included in funding for authentic human development before the Pope illuminated it in his encyclical?  Good grief.  Still, we can’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.  We must be grateful for small blessings that, at least on paper and in theory, the bishops appear to be going in the right direction.

#3 – Bishop Fabbro also filled us in about the CCCB’s pro-life initiatives which have, coincidentally enough, come at the same time that the D&P abortion controversy is playing out.  Could it have anything to do with the virtually non-existent teaching on the sanctity of human life which precipitated this abortion controversy?  It’s all a big, huge coincidence I say!  And so is the fact that, as Kris Dmytrenko says,  “reports emerged that some of those partners engaged in abortion advocacy.”  And whose reports were those?  Salt + Light’s perhaps?  Bah.  They can’t even bring themselves to tell the truth about the courage and tenacity of real reporters and real reporting as to why all this is shaking down now.   You know the reporters, I’m sure. They’re the same ones who were getting bounced from the NAV Centre a couple of days ago.  I’m amazed how these “professionals” can look into the camera with a straight face and say such things.  I really am.  You’ve got to have the cahonays the size of the grand canyon to pull that off.

#4 – Bishop Fabbro says that the pro-life program will be launched in full swing in 2013. 2013!? 2013!?  Is this what they mean when they say “immediate”?  Immediate means right now to me.   Not two years from now…if we’re lucky. (He first broached the subject 2 years ago already!).  Not good enough, Bishop.   And not soon enough, either.

#5 – The bishop said that COLF would be involved in promoting these initiatives.  Wonderful.  How much money are we talking about here?  Because right now, the spending priorities of the Bishops will determine whether this is just a PR stunt or whether they’re serious.  The Catholic Church pumps in at least $15M into D&P every year.  COLF’s budget is likely under $200K (at that’s being generous).   Let’s see the numbers. That will tell us all we need to know.  And we’ll be watching too.  If this is a PR stunt without serious money behind it, everyone will know. 

This isn’t the 1970s anymore.  And you can’t bounce reporters on the internet.  It’s your Serve, bishops.

One thought on “Are the CCCB’s reforms of D&P toothless? Time and money will tell.

  1. When listening to Bishop Henry, the first part, they’re just creating more bureacracy and decisions will take forever. in the second question, I had no idea what he was saying. He was just using jargon and gobbledy gook. In regards to Canon law, if the Church is doing something wrong, a priest has a duty to break Canon law (where applicable) and disobey the Bishops and whoever else above him.

    They live in a bubble and all you get from that is hot air.

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