Socon or Bust exposes CBC’s gross distortion of The March for Life


A few years ago, Canadian pro-lifers will remember how the CBC hosted an ill-fated Facebook competition called “The Great Canadian Wishlist“.  CBC wanted to know what Canadians really, really wished for, above all other things.   So they started this little competition on Facebook to find out what Canadians’ great, grand wish was for our Trudeaupian society.  I’m not sure exactly what they were thinking would win first prize.  A champagne dinner with Michael Ignatieff, perhaps?  A rendez-vous with Jack Layton in a bar somewhere?  Most liberals, of course, think that most people think like they do.  Rarely does a social liberal entertain the thought that a large portion of the population strenuously opposes nearly everything that they believe in.  And it would simply be unthinkable for them to consider that a majority of people actually oppose them.

But when they hosted this little competition on Facebook back in 2007, they got a rude reminder that most Canadians don’t subscribe to their socially liberal GroupThink at all. 

What was the Great Canadian Wish?  Well, it was to ABOLISH abortion.  That’s right, folks.  Canadians are abolitionists.  They voted to abolish abortion because it takes the life of an innocent human being.  (By the way, the third choice was for a spiritual revival and the fourth choice was to restore the traditional definition of marriage.) 

We now fast-forward four years to the 2011 March for Life to find the CBC shocked again at the response of Canadians to abortion. They are shocked to find out that Canadians are still abolitionists. And our numbers are growing.  And so, that poses a real problem for the CBC.  They know that large numbers start to sway opinion.  And popular opinion sways politicians.  And politicians enact laws.  But they’re in the media business and they have to report the facts, except when the facts get in the way of their ideology.  It’s their ideology that chooses what stories to cover and what stories not to cover; what angle to take on a particular story and what angle not to take; what words to use and what words not to use.  Etc., etc., etc.

In their coverage of the March for Life this year, the CBC actually showed up on the Hill with their media truck.  Socon or Bust was there and even took a picture (see pic to the immediate left), knowing all too well that it would come in handy to demonstrate that there was no excuse for the fraudulent reporting which would assuredly be produced, and be disseminated by the head collaborator of the “National Consensus Media”. 

Sure enough.  That’s exactly what happened.

As part of their coverage, this is what they reported:

A handful of MPs attended the rally and addressed the crowd, which police estimated at about 5,000 people. (Source)

Long time readers of Socon or Bust will remember The March for Marriage that yours truly, yours truly’s long suffering wife, and Steve G planned and organized.  It attracted over 15,000 people.  After that March, the mainstream press grossly underestimated the number of people who attended the rally.  Once I had learned about the lie, I was able to get The National Post to issue a correction.  They did so after confirming with the RCMP that there were indeed over 15,000 participants on Parliament Hill.  You can read more about this little scuffle here

At the top of this blog post, you will see a picture of the March for Marriage rally with those 15,000 participants.  To the immediate left of that picture is the recent March for Life rally taken at 1:32PM EST on May 12, 2011 from the webcam which records such movements on Parliament Hill.  (The participants are starting to move from the North and towards the street to begin the march through downtown Ottawa.)  As one can clearly see, the size of the rallies are roughly comparable. The March for Marriage picture shows the crowd as having a greater density to it and therefore more people in such a relatively smaller area, as one RCMP official had indicated to us at the time.  But the crowd actually looks smaller than the recent March for Life rally! 

Be that as it may, what is obviously clear is that there is no way that the March for Life crowd is one third the size of the March for Marriage crowd which was confirmed at 15,000.  The CBC reported that “police reports” estimated it at 5,000.  Really? At what time?  When the marchers were still arriving? 

The CBC is supposed to be a responsible news organization which reports the facts, but it is very clear that it is either incompetent or biased in its reporting.  In fact, it’s not like the CBC did not have experience in reporting these numbers on the Hill.  During the March for Marriage, for instance, in one of the very rare instances of transparency and accuracy in reporting on socially conservative events,  the CBC reported 15,000 people attended the March for Marriage.  We therefore must ask why they were not more discerning about the true numbers when they issued their false report concerning the March for Life?  Was it sloppiness, incompetence, gross negligence, or liberal ideology? 

Canadians have a right and responsibility to hold our media accountable.  In the private sector, people just stop watching and the private sector cleans up the problem with unresponsive media.  But the CBC is different. It runs on welfare financing.  It gets our money and is not accountable at all. Not to the politicians, or the justice system, or even to the public.  In fact, a national broadcaster is inoculated from democratic forces because its ideological currents dominate its reporting.  It’s the equivalent of modern day mouth piece for a tyrant, except the tyrant that it’s shilling for is a leftist ideology and not a person or a government.  In our case, it’s also the propaganda arm for the minority position on abortion in Canada. 

Canadians have a right to an unbiased, publicly funded media, and we’re simply not getting it.  If the CBC wants to keep up their journalistic shams and refuse to show some professionalism in their reporting, that’s fine with me, but it shouldn’t be on our dime.  Canadians need to be set free from the Consensus Media – once and for all.  If the Conservatives don’t have the guts to take on abortion, they can certainly do something about the CBC.  They can set us free from the propaganda and the distortions. It’s time for our newly elected “Conservative” government to set us free from the establishment, consensus, koolaid media. 

The 60s are over and so is the plastic and trope journalism that belongs to it. 

Get rid of the CBC. It’s past its sell-by date.

3 thoughts on “Socon or Bust exposes CBC’s gross distortion of The March for Life

  1. It’s just like their (in)famous Vote Compass of this past election. If you held a moderate or ‘centrist’ view on any question (but conservative on all the rest) you were likely to discover that you actually supported either the Liberals or NDP!


    Fr. Tim

  2. The CBC’s standing record on anything to do with abortion has not changed since 1969. Vicki Laprairie painstakingly compiled hard evidence of their bias over several years, with dates and times. It was ignored.
    That being said…. i have always wanted to ask this … What does “Socon or bust” mean anyways?

  3. Hi Marilyn,

    Socon is short form for “Social Conservative”…hence our society had better adopt socially conservative positions or it will go “bust”….Socon or Bust.

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