CBC’s Embarrasing Estimate

A Socon or Bust reader has sent me two wonderful little gems.  One is from the CBC and one is from the Toronto Star.  The reports in question are talking about the 2010 March for Life which organizers pegged at 12, 500 partcipants.

Priests, ministers, nuns and even monks were scattered through the crowd, which RCMP estimated at about 10,000 people. (Source: CBC)

Around 15,000 pro-life campaigners, clearly buoyed by what they see as last month’s victory on the foreign-aid front, cheered loudly when numerous speakers talked about the next steps in what one called bringing a “culture of life” to Canada. (Source: The Toronto Star)

So let me get this straight. The ubra-liberal Toronto Star reported 15,000 people at the 2010 March for Life, and the CBC itself reported 10,000.  The average of the two is exactly what the organizers claimed:  12,500.

Now we come to 2011, with a bigger rally and the CBC is reporting half of the number it reported in 2010.  As you can see from the following “Center block” pictures, the CBC estimate in 2011 is grossly under reported.

Socon or Bust Picture from the 2010 March for Life Rally (CBC reported: 10,000 participants. Official count: 12,500):


Socon or Bust Picture from the 2011 March for Life Rally (CBC reported: 5,000.  Official count: 15,000):

If you can’t trust the CBC to get some basic math right and do some quick fact checking on the internet or use their extensive archives to get their facts straight,  can someone please tell me why we’re paying for such third-rate, hick journalism?  Even liberals should demand to have a bit competency and integrity in their flagship station.

Next year, if projections hold,  when 18,000 people show up in attendance, the CBC’s reporting of the rally should be down to a cool 2,500.

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