CBC – Unwilling to air the politically incorrect

One of my posters on the CBC Poltroonery post, made this comment:

In 1979 the CBC spiked a Newfoundland Producer, Michael HARRIS’s production,  “Ten Years After“.  They claimed the program wasn’t balanced.  Henry MORGENTALER didn’t show up when he learned the report was going to be objective about the change in Canada’s Abortion Law in 1969.  You know to this very day the CBC will not release this program.

Now there’s a big surprise.  They will not tolerate the truth about Canada’s national sacrament.  But sooner or later abortion is going to be knocked down and with it, the CBC.

We shall never forget the role the CBC has played in Canada’s destruction….never.

You subverted the truth in order to hold up your pernicious religion.  Like all false religions, one day, it’s all going to come crashing down.

And when that day comes and you have lost your grip on power, we’re going to expose all of you in one mega documentary on how the CBC subverted and dehumanized the unborn child.

4 thoughts on “CBC – Unwilling to air the politically incorrect

  1. The CBC editors and reporters have probably been educated in our Politically Correct Relativistic and Darwinian Humanist schools and universities.

    There this state imposed religion is preached and it is protected by blasphemy laws.

    They are taught this from elementary school through university.

    This is reinfored by movies, the media, humanist school textbooks, professors, TV Specials on this subject and from our education establishments , and it has permeated all of our society. They are taught that all other views are mental constructs. They are also taught that what people used to believe is Chistianity, but what we now believe is better and that is Humanism and the science of Darwinism, and in school we will not teach any other view. There you have it. They don’t teach anything even resembling neutral scholarship. That is why some our children leave our faith for the state imposed one. I was fortunate enough to go to university as a mature student and befriend a knowledgable professor and mentor.

    Professor De Lundra has helped me to understand this. I hope others get it too.

  2. I did not use spammy words and I researched my work as I went along to make sure it was empirical. It takes time and time is valuable to me. I learned to do this kind of research at university from my Christian Professors so I wouldn’t say any thing I could not prove. Thank you for this site but I don’t like to waste my time.


    Canada admits over 200 000 immigrants a year. How many terrorists or extremists would be among them. We’re always told it’s only a small percentage. Well, 1% would be a very small percentage and that means 2000 dangerous radicals a year. Do you think that will make us safer or less safe? Canadian authorities can barely keep up with the thousands of radicals who are already here and have ties to all kinds of foreign terrorist groups. Do you think their job will be easier if we bring in 200 000 more people every year, mostly from countries that are plagued by terrorism? Do you think there is economic benefit from bringing in thousands of people with no knowledge of English or French?

    Canada does not need immigration at this point although it used to. You should feel free to question the motives of any politician who says we do. Are they looking for votes in the large cities? Are they looking for bribes from immigration lawyers or self-styled multicultural leaders? There is no skills shortage that cannot be fixed by retraining Canadians who’ve lost jobs in fishing, forestry, mining, farming or manufacturing. It doesn’t matter if Canada is aging slightly. If the average Canadian was 85 years old, we’d still be better off than the countries that supply most of the immigrants. The damage that can be done by foreign radicals in one day is a lot greater than any possible economic benefit.

    Do you think that Canada is enriched by multiculturalism? Think about the cultures that exist in the source countries. Countries where women are second class citizens at best and where homosexuals are ruthlessly persecuted. Countries that are plagued by corruption which causes poverty. Countries where inter-tribal hatred and inter-religious hatred is a way of life. Is that what you want Canada to be like? You better think about it because that’s what those cultures produce. They produce places that people want to leave. There’s more to culture than interesting food and lively dancing. A country doesn’t become a living hell by accident.

    It’s going to take years to sort ourselves out from the past 15-20 years of mass immigration. There has to be NO NEW IMMIGRATION while we’re doing it.

    If you want Canada to remain a great place to live, then pass this message on to your friends and family. You can also find the address of your MP through the parliamentary website, http://www.parl.gc.ca

    Useful websites about the present-day dangers of immigration include:

  4. J. Martin sounds like a racist !

    The Ten Commandments are no longer on classroom and courtroom walls or in peoples minds.

    Don’t you know what our Canadian Darwinian Humanist education establishments are teaching our kids from elementary school through university graduate school ?

    Where have all our CANADIAN babies gone ?

    The blame lies with people like J. Martin who blame others for the problems we have created ourselves. Who is telling Canadians to abort their children? Are you ? Does the devil make them do it or do they choose to follow him?

    Who is teaching our kids this perverted sex education this Kinsey “science”?

    “Everyone is made in the image of God even J.Martin. J. Martin stop giving the people of God a bad name if you claim to be one. You sure don’t sound like one.

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