CBC Unleashes Pro-Life Forces

This is way too funny. The CBC, that paragon of useless Canadian inclusivity and tolerance, has accidentally gone and made abortion a prominent topic of discussion on their little FaceBook entry called “The Great Canadian Wish List”. After willfully ignoring and misrepresenting the abortion issue year-after-year, this lame excuse for a public broadcaster has inadvertently stoked the fires of this controversy by reviving an issue that simply will never go away.

It turns out that the number one vote getter right now is…drum roll please….the end to abortion! Yes, folks, you too can join the swelling ranks of pro-lifers and skeptical agnostics as they rebel against the enforced silence and the so-called “settled issue forever and ever amen” brigade by participating in the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List. Here is the text of the wish:

I wish that there was an end to abortion in Canada.

The intentional killing of an innocent human being is wrong. Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human being. Therefore abortion is wrong.

From the moment of conception a unique, individual human being is created with separate DNA from his/her mother. They also could have a different blood type and/or gender if the preborn child is a male.

By the law of biogenesis, to find out what a living thing is, we look to see what the parent’s are. Clearly, a woman’s offspring must be human. The term “foetus” is from Latin and means “offspring” or “young one”. It is a stage in development for the newly created human, just like toddler. Stages of development change, but we are always human.

The law governs many other things people deem wrong, ie. Child abuse and rape. People can choose to do these, but laws are in place against them because they harm other human beings.

With no protection for the preborn child, until they take their first breath, today in Canada over 100,000 lives are ended each year. There is also no informed consent law for women making this important decision. Many women become depressed, and/or infertile, among other things. Infection is the most common physical harm which can lead to hemorrhaging and can lead to death. Abortion is not safe for women.

This wish aims to redeem the humanity of the preborn child. It also recognizes that there needs to be necessary social changes in place to support women in crisis pregnancies.

To lend your support for this wish, please follow the instruction which my friend and fellow pro-life blogger, Suzanne, has detailed below. Take a few moments to register your account and jump on the pro-life bandwagon to end the scourge of abortion and exploitation of women.

There is something happening in this country regarding the issue of abortion. What has seemed for 40 years to be something so entrenched and accepted is, in reality, only hanging by a thread. A mild but firm wind will cut the thread that has choked millions of unborn children these past 40 years, while enslaving and ruining the lives of millions of women. The “mantra of choice” has not led to an emancipation at all, but rather to an enslavement in the desert of depression, despair, and death.

And while our political leaders wring their hands and lament foreign holocausts of previous generations, they are blinded to the national holocaust of our own children these past 40 years. And they won’t lift a finger, but actually do their utmost, to squash any debate on the unquestionable destructive effects of abortion – not only to the direct victims of abortion (women and their babies), but also on the collective soul of our nation and the societal and cultural consequences of 3,000,000+ dead Canadian babies, dead Canadian workers, dead Canadian democrats, dead Canadian moms, dead Canadian dads, and eventually, a dead Canada.

We are a nation of cowards who elect politicians who sell us smooth lies and feed us what we want to hear. They keep us from the truth and refuse to challenge us. They don’t lead. They follow. Because they love power more than the truth, they seek to squash debate on fundamental questions of human existence – not the least of which is the very capacity to transmit an authentic Canadian culture to future generations. But there is less and less of Canadian culture to transmit and there are fewer and fewer of us to do the transmitting.

Canada? What’s that? A patchwork nation of individuals held together by a shared committment to unfettered and sterile orgasms, some spending money, and a welfare state on the edge of collapse and ruin. That’s about it. That about sums up our common Canadian values.

We are a nation which is very sick and very fearful of its own future. We refuse to face our criminal past in dealing with the real crimes against our own humanity.

Being so self-absorbed in our own self-righteous denunciations about ethnic cleansing in so many parts of the world, we dare not look in the mirror and remove the planks from our own eyes. Those planks are large indeed.

We Canadians are a very industrious people, after all. We are the experts at evacuating and cleansing ourselves of a humanity we would prefer not to discuss, and exporting this destruction to every corner of the globe. Canada has become a curse to the world instead of the blessing it should be.

And what is worse in this whole tragedy is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Education and discussion are a way out of this entanglement, but our so-called democratic politicians refuse to allow the discussion to go forward. So we have the very odd situation where the country at large is very willing to discuss this issue and is very open to applying some kind of restrictions on abortions, but our politicians, especially the ones stylying themselves as “conservative”, simply refuse to allow the trojan horse into Parliament. Why? Because they have become little dictators on the question, having sold out Canada’s future for some fleeting and temporal power – a kind of political orgasm reminiscent of this sex drenched society which wants a quick hit and “to hell with the future” sentiment.

“The Conservative government won’t be initiating or supporting abortion legislation, and I’ll use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn’t come to a vote,” Harper told reporters in Quebec today, according to a CBC report. “I will use whatever influence I have to keep that off of the agenda, and I don’t see any likelihood of that in the next Parliament,” he said.

If Stephen Harper cares about Canada, regardless of his own personal convictions on the issue of abortion, he should show himself to be an authentic democrat and allow his colleagues in the Conservative Party to bring forward legislation on abortion.

The muzzle must be put down, Mr. Harper. The voices of the unborn need to be heard. Now.
To register for an account on Facebook:


Right now, there is the Great Canadian Wish List. When you have your facebook account, go here:


Join that group. The link is on the right side.

Then go to “Abolish Abortion”


We really have a shot at wining this contest, and doing this will help keep up the momentum. We really put abortion on the CBC’s radar.

There’s a blog for this on the CBC website– it was blogged about three times:




5 thoughts on “CBC Unleashes Pro-Life Forces

  1. There are over 100,000 abortions annually in Canada .. incredible!!

    According to the statistics, over 80% of the abortions are performed on single women between the ages of 18 and 28. Surely this tells us something about who is having unwanted pregnancies.

    My concern is that many of these girls are getting pregnant while consuming alcohol or shooting up drugs. These are not “decent girls”. The result of this is children born with FAS — Fetal Alcohol Syndrome .. which creates a person with huge mental deficits and anti-social characteristics.

    It is estimated that most of the prison population suffers from FAS, they also suffer personal anguish because their development from conception was marred.

    Here is the problem as I see it. If abortion were banned in Canada and women were not allowed to seek abortions in the USA, we would undoubtedly see a horrendous increase in FAS births. Add that to the lack of motherly nurturing by women who had unwanted pregnancies by fathers unknown … we have a social problem of incredible magnitude.

    How would you accomodate the increased numbers of FAS births, the women who do not want to be mothers or carry the unwanted pregnancy to birth, and the accompanying burden on society at large?

    Thank you.

  2. I agree with you that we have created a mess of unprecedented proportions.

    We cannot look at abortion in isolation, but must look to the circumstances leading up to it.

    The bigggest one is obviously the idea of sexual abstinence. If we actually understood the place of sex within a relationship, we wouldn’t be having these problems. The other is education on the development of the unborn child.

    Both of these ideas have not been tried by the government. If they were, we could clean up this mess within a generation.

  3. I agree John, but I also think it is futile to sensationalize abortion and the destroyed fetus. That is something that not only turns of people, it get’s people’s backs up against the pro-life movement.

    Since the church has collapsed in the 1970s with the hippie peacenik movement and the free love revolution, it is imperative that the church must come back and teach people about the virtues of abstinence. They teach about birth control in the schools so they should also teach abstinence.

    I believe that abortion services should not be condemned but rather pro-lifers should rally around the family and it’s formation. This is a much more positive message, while banning abortion gets so political and becomes a lose-lose situation for pro-lifers.

    I personally believe that pro-lifers are failing to stop abortions in Canada, and a new and more positive approach should be taken. The pro-abortion forces in Canada are much stronger than in the US where they are rejecting abortion in some states.

    Abortion will only vanish when unwanted pregnancies are eliminated, and that will take several generations in Canada.

  4. When will this great nation of Canada come to its senses that we are slowly killing off the lifeblood of its existence? My hopeful prayer for any woman contemplating an abortion is to make themselves aware about the entire truth behind the murdering of their child in their womb.May God give each and everyone of them the strength and courage to protect His beautiful gift of life.

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