CBC under fire for handling of Access to Information requests

The CBC is taking some flack over how it handles Access to Information requests. I wonder if John’s Access to Information request surrounding biased coverage of the 2011 March for Life was the subject of some unjustified withholding of information?

The CBC is scheduled to present arguments before the Federal Court of Appeals on Oct. 18 about why the information commissioner should not be allowed to view certain records. [Socon comment: If the information commissioner isn’t being granted access to some records, do you think a regular guy like John was given his due?]

The battle centres around the interpretation of a section of the Access to Information Act that exempts the CBC from having to divulge material involving its journalistic, creative or programming activities.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault last week predicted the matter would be before the courts for years – something that does not sit well with Conservatives, who say constituents are concerned about the issue.


The CBC’s record on access-to-information requests has been flagged by Ms. Legault, who has said much of the problem with the response rate centres around the corporation’s interpretation of what is exempted. (Source)

This is a Crown corporation that takes $1.1 billion each year in taxpayer handouts and it doesn’t want to be accountable? Scrap it now.

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