CBC slammed for war criminal position

Two weeks ago, the federal government released a most-wanted list of 30 men whose refugee claims had been denied because the Immigration and Refugee Board said it had reasonable grounds to suspect they were involved in war crimes or crimes against humanity. Since then, the photos and names of the individuals were made public in an effort to help law enforcement agencies to track them down. Five of them have been arrested in Canada and two of them have already been deported. 

However, the CBC is the only network that has refused to publish the pictures of these suspected criminals. Why? Because of its journalistic standards, according to a CBC spokesman. What a joke.

Some federal ministers have had enough of the CBC.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews:

“I have long since given up trying to understand the state broadcaster, or the CBC as we know them more popularly,” Toews said. “I find it so fascinating that they refuse to put the names of the individuals and pictures of the individuals on their network given that these are individuals who have been found by a tribunal not to be admissible in Canada and legal warrants have been issued for their arrest.”


“I find it ironic that the CBC was always so quick to try to implicate our Canadian armed forces in war crimes in Afghanistan and never hesitant to mention that, but in this situation, when we actually have rulings from tribunals, they’re reluctant to involve themselves.” (Source)

Heritage Minister James Moore:

“It is curious that the CBC is the only broadcaster that’s made the decision not to show the pictures, although they have published the website where people can see the pictures of these folks,” he said, adding he doesn’t “interfere in the day-to-day activities of the CBC.” (Source)

I’ve had enough too. Why won’t the CBC cooperate with police to help bring these men to justice? And to think that the CBC costs us more than $1 billion per year in tax dollars!

3 thoughts on “CBC slammed for war criminal position

  1. Apparently harboring war criminals is part of the CBC ‘journalistic standard’, as long as the accused aren’t Canadian soldiers. What a ridiculous policy.

  2. I wonder at what point Vic Toews as the Public Safety Minister has the duty, and CBC as the state broadcaster has the obligation under law, to make use of it’s taxpayer funded coast to coast to coast network, to protect the public interest by airing photos and names of these individuals in all commercial breaks. I wonder at what point Moore as the CBC’s sugar daddy has the duty to replace it’s management with people who will not place Canadians at any risk.

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