CBC Ombudsman Responds, Socon or Bust Returns Serve

Dear Mr. Pacheco:

CBC’s Office of the Ombudsman is independent of CBC News management and thus has no say in day-to-day decision-making.  The CBC Ombudsman has a mandate to determine whether information content the CBC has produced fully respects CBC’s journalism policy.  However, I have shared your e-mail with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News, so that she may be aware of your concerns.
For your information, here is a link to coverage of the rally on CBCNews.ca : http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2013/05/08/pol-abortion-march-parliament.html
Esther Enkin

CBC Ombudsman


Dear Ms. Enkin:
Thank you for your prompt response to my complaint. I will await Ms. McGuire’s response to my complaint. 
However, as you may appreciate, many Canadians – whether they are pro-life or not – have had some very, very serious and well-founded concerns with the objectivity and fairness of CBC reporting for many years now.  I don’t think that that’s a secret to you or the office that you hold.   Indeed, is it not incumbent on you and your office to also investigate instances when the CBC refuses to report sufficiently?  You say that programming (i.e. non-reporting of a major event) is not your office’s responsibility.  That’s fine, but what mechanism do Canadians have to voice their concerns over the CBC’s refusal to cover such a major event in the proportion that it deserves?  Under the current rubric, there is no recourse for us to complain to anyone having even the appearance of impartiality.  Referring me to the CBC for its virtual non-existent programming is like referring a pregnant woman seeking alternatives to abortion to Kermit Gosnell.  Surely you can see the problem here.    Refusing to sufficiently report at all is as bad, if not worse, than distorting the facts of a story.
I think this is a rather significant point that your office needs to address.   I think Canadians deserve better from an organization that is supposed to hold the CBC accountable to Canadian taxpayers.  Please do not suggest that such a majorly attended event on any other topic (acceptable to the liberal biases of CBC management, of course) would not be covered extensively by the CBC. We both know that that is simply not true.  It enters the boundaries of the absurd and offensive.  I hope it’s not going to take many weeks of constant haranguing to get the CBC to see the truth of the matter.  They had a hard time admitting that they were financing porn last year, when everyone else was believing their eyes instead of believing the CBC’s denials.  I hope that this does not occur in this instance, and we can all admit the truth of the matter.
If Ms. McGuire does not offer a satisfactory response, I will be contacting you again to address this matter.
Many thanks for your co-operation.
Yours truly,
John Pacheco
Socon or Bust

2 thoughts on “CBC Ombudsman Responds, Socon or Bust Returns Serve

  1. JMJ

    YOU ARE A GREAT MAN, JOHN PACHECO!!! Keep up the good work. This family prays for you, and all pro lifers, and all people with common sense. DAILY.

    Virgencita, símbolo de la fecundidad, intercede para que salgamos victoriosos de esta guerra contra la ignorancia, contra los malévolos, contra satanás mismo; intercede para que el movimiento pro vida, del que John Pacheco es una figura prominente, siga con los avances que hemos obtenido en meses recientes.

  2. John….I, too, was so disgusted with the lack of CBC coverage again this year. Here is my letter to the ombudsman-
    As a taxpayer, I expect the CBC to cover Canadian news events, particularly when the crowds are historically large, and entirely self-funded. Furthermore, I saw the CBC truck on the Hill as well as another CBC vehicle on Bank Street at the same time yesterday, and expected considerable coverage this year of this important event.
    Once again, I was left angry and disappointed by the lack of CBC coverage of the March for Life.
    Your webpage stated that “crowds on both sides of the abortion debate” (http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story /2013/05/08/pol-kady-live-chat-march-for-life.html) would be descending on the Hill. However, the truth was that 100+ pro-abortionists were there, and 25,000 pro-lifers. Surely we can expect more than a few feeble tweets from @ Kady, considering that taxpayers provide 1.7 billions dollars of funding annually for the CBC? I found the tone of her comments to be condescending, and her coverage entirely shallow. Could @Kady not have interviewed some of the participants? Could CBC not have covered some of the back stories? Could CBC not have profiled some of the leaders in this ever-growing movement?
    Next year, I suggest that CBC either stay home, or cover the March for Life in a truly professional manner. Your coverage this year, as in the past, was inadequate and demeaning to the tens of thousands of Canadians who traveled from across the province of Ontario (and well beyond, in some cases) to stand in solidarity for the unborn.

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