CBC Needs To Retract Its Misreporting of the March for Life

To: CBC Ombudsman Ombudsman@CBC.CA

Dear Mr. LaPointe,

A friend of mine has relayed to me some rather disturbing reporting by the CBC on yesterday’s March for Life, which took place on Parliament Hill. 

Apparently, CBC reported that only 5,000 people participated in the rally.  Conservative estimates of the size of the crowd place it at least at 15,000.  

Please be so kind as to direct your attention to the pictures and video of the March which can be viewed here.  As you can easily see, the CBC’s reporting is a gross misrepresentation of reality, and it once again calls into question the political slant of the CBC in not reporting the facts. 

I would also like to draw your attention to this really, really big CBC truck with this really, really large pole sticking out from it.  This was a picture that I took at the Hill yesterday.  With such a presence on the Hill, how is it, sir, that the CBC can’t seem to report the basic facts on the March?  Is it incompetence, gross negligence, or plain old liberal media bias?

Canadians are sick and tired of funding a media organization which has such an obvious liberal bent that it is now misreporting to protect its ideology.

I am afraid this pathetic demonstration of misreporting is only going to further calls for the CBC’s funding to be drastically cut.  If they are not accountable to the Canadian people, then they should not be funded by the public purse.

I am therefore asking you, in order to protect the public interest in fair news reporting, to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident, and if necessary, force the CBC to correct the record.

Yours truly,

John Pacheco

2 thoughts on “CBC Needs To Retract Its Misreporting of the March for Life

  1. The Canadian Public funds The CBC with over a billion dollars a year for reporting facts not lies. How long ought the Canadian People to put up with CBC irresponsibility?

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