CBC Misreports Size of the March for Life

Folks, here we go again.  The CBC is once again showing its dirty hands in reporting on the social issues of the day.  This time, it has to do with yesterday’s March for Life which drew over 15,000 participants. (You can check out the pictures of the massive crowd here, if you have not already read our coverage. ) A Socon or Bust reader has forwarded me the details on CBC’s reporting which you can read below.

Please take the time to send an email of complaint to the CBC’s Ombudsman (Ombudsman@CBC.CA) to respectfully express your concerns and ask that the CBC retract their reporting. 

To: CBC Ombudsman Ombudsman@CBC.CA

Dear Mr. LaPointe,

I was traveling from North Bay to Parry Sound last night, after  attending the March for Life in Ottawa yesterday.  While I am thankful that CBC decided to cover the event, I am confused about the reporting  of it.  I was on Parliament Hill yesterday, and in most of the 14
previous years that the March has been held. I have watched the crowds grow exponentially over that time.  Your Ottawa reporters will tell you that the way to estimate the crowds on the Hill is to look at the amount of grass showing when the crowd is at its peak.  I can tell you, Mr. LaPointe, that there has been a lot of parliamentary lawn showing some years!  This year was different.  There was great weather, huge crowds and minimal grass showing.  That fact puts the crowd in the 15,000 range.

So, my question is, why did the radio announcer (Name withheld) report the  crowd to be 5,000?  That is hardly fair journalism.

I think a correction is in order.  Canadians deserve to know the truth,  Mr. LaPointe.  This is the largest gathering in Canada.  It is highly organized, peaceful, and determined.  It is incumbent on the CBC not to  deny Canadians a true accounting of the events.
I will be forwarding this information to my Member of Parliament, Honourable Tony Clement.

I look forward to hearing from your office in the near future.

Parry Sound, ON

To: Tony Clement

Dear Tony,

I was at the March for Life on the Hill yesterday, along with a bus load of constituents from the riding.  There were bus loads from everywhere actually.  In its 14th year, it was the biggest crowd yet.  I was distressed to hear the CBC coverage last night on the radio on the way home. Perhaps I should be grateful that the CBC decided to show up at the event for the first time in 14 years. The radio announcer told Canadians that 5,000 people were in attendance.  Here is the photo, Tony.  There is no way that it was that number.  Estimates by the police put the crowd at 15,000 yesterday.   Once again, the CBC not-so-secret agenda rears its head. Yes, I wrote the CBC ombudsman a polite letter, but you and I know both know that the effort is futile. Please attempt to make the CBC accountable to Canadians, Tony.  

– Kathie

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