CBC limps out

From Lilley…

It is a victory for common sense, a victory for the taxpayers.

CBC has gone soft on Hard.

You remember Hard, the pornographic show from France that CBC used your tax dollars to purchase the Canadian rights to. They then posted the program on the Internet because apparently they think there is not enough smut online.

We’ll they have changed course and pulled out of their relationship with French pornographers.

When we broke the story we showed you just a portion of the racy video because when we spoke to people about the fact that CBC was showing porn, many people did not believe us.

Even after we showed the first batch or video, all from one online program, many did not believe us.

Then we showed footage from another episode, this one an orgy. There was little doubt left that CBC, the state broadcaster had turned into filth peddlers. Read more…

Don’t matter. We’re gonna cut you off, anyway.  Sooner or later, the CBC is going to go impotent….forever.

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