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Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
[Recorded by Electronic Apparatus]* * *(excerpt)Mr. Chris Warkentin:
Let’s talk about things that maybe aren’t so inadvertent.

I’m wondering if you could explain to me the process through which stories are covered in Canada. Obviously, in any given day you have hundreds of stories that you could run on The National or CBC radio, and obviously there’s a decision-making process as to what will be brought forward as a news story.

I find it interesting, actually—I’ll just use it as an example, and you can go into your explanation as to how news stories are chosen for the day—that recently there was a sanctity-of-life rally on the Hill. In fact, I had the opportunity to walk by it, and I understand the numbers were about 7,000 people, so there were thousands and thousands of people here on the Hill. I understand there was even a press conference–one of my colleagues across the table was there–and I understand that CBC not only did not cover the rally, but they didn’t cover the news conference of the different parliamentarians who were bringing this issue forward.

I’m wondering how the decision is made not to carry a feature involving 7,000 people on Parliament Hill, as opposed to, you know, we see sometimes 20 protesters somewhere and all of a sudden that’s the news story that leads out. I’m wondering how you make the decision to ignore 7,000 people on Parliament Hill one day, and then the next day, if there are 20 protesters, the determination is made to make that the lead-out story.

Mr. Tony Burman:

Your second reference is hypothetical. I think the decision by the CBC in choosing stories is the same as any other news organization, where we evaluate the news value of a particular story against the news value of other stories that are available. I don’t have the particular details of that one story, in terms of how we handled it or didn’t.

Mr. Chris Warkentin:
I’m just curious, hypothetically, as to how you would ignore 7,000 people rallying on Parliament Hill. I’m just wondering what kind of contemplation might be gone through in terms of determining–

Mr. Tony Burman:
With respect, I don’t think I accept your characterization. There is no one who woke up that morning and said, “Let’s wilfully ignore a rally of 7,000 people”. I could quite happily go back…. You know, I’ll go back after this meeting and retrace that, but there is no day when there aren’t a multitude of groups–interest groups, groups of people–that feel their particular event deserves coverage on our airwaves more than something else. That’s part of the territory.

In fairness, I think probably a more accurate way of assessing it is whether a lot of these issues, including the one you’re referring to, have received incredible attention on the CBC in a multitude of ways. I don’t know what the staffing or the resource issue was that day with that story. We’re limited in Ottawa; we can’t cover the number of stories we want to in Ottawa. These are the kinds of choices that are made, and we stand by them, but I’ll go into that in detail if you want.

Mr. Chris Warkentin:
No, I just was curious. I thought it might be a pertinent example. I was just trying to discover how determinations are made, but I see you’re not sure as to how that is, so I appreciate that. (Source)

The arrogance of the CBC is really disturbing.  And it’s why a large minority want to see it dead. dead. dead.  They won’t give conservatives one bloody hour on their station.  That’s hardly “balanced” and that’s why it’s Canada’s version of Radio Marti.  First order of business in a CPC majority will be to seriously gut the programming and cut back on the CBC’s finances.

I found this remark above particularly meaningful:  “There is no one who woke up that morning and said, “Let’s wilfully ignore a rally of 7,000 people”. 

Except of course to film Cheryl Gallant and play it as a virtual Liberal political ad against those extreme ‘pro-lifers’.

Give me a break.

10 thoughts on “CBC Poltroonery

  1. When the CBC goes on the air, they communicate from the peculiar perspective of their own worldview from the stories they select, to the way they present them, from the evidence they show, to the time they afford them, the CBC not only slant the news, they make the news. They decide what we know and what we don’t know. The CBC has acted as a filter, screening out the information that could damage PRO-ABORTION groups in the public view. Why else would they ignor 7000 pro-life citizens on PARLIAMENT HILL ? Instead of helping people find out what is going on, the CBC is insuring that they don’t , and won’t, and can’t find out ! The CBC has an agenda and imposes it’s values on it’s audience, even between periods of some hockey games. I for one am getting sick and tired of this!

  2. Like most culturally elite institutions such as some if not many universities, the CBC is 30 to 40 years behind the times. Those who run the CBC and other culturally elite institutions used to be young once; but now they are the establishment. The basic position of the CBC is the secular humanist liberal fundamentalism of the 1970s. They’re all graduates of the same school of journalism. The multi culti political “correctness” ( really puritanical control) and the assumption that the Judaeo-Christian tradition upon which our country is built, is somehow very bad, is utterly destroying us. This CBC type culture has been running this country for several decades and I just don’t see what thay have to show for it.

  3. The diagnosis of CBC sickness has been made correctly in the above
    published observations.
    We are dealing here with a cancerous malignancy that rapidly destroying Canadian society.
    The only remedy is a surgical excision of the malignant tumor.

  4. In the last 100 years pregnant with corpses, it`s not surprising that the C.B.C. leave a legacy where they are known as collaboraters in the culture of death.

  5. The life side wants to promote their values of life and love to the Canadian culture. The only values the liberal minded death side imposes on the baby come in the form of a knife, a vacuum or scalding chemicals.
    The values of death and violence to get what they want are thus promoted and imposed on our society.

    The liberal minded CBC ought to go into the abortion clinics and show the people the pictures of the piles of dead babies who are the “victims” of this culture war. Why do you suppose they don’t ?

    Study the Humanist Manifesto 1 (1933) ,and the other Humanist Manifesto’s to see how the fathers of Western education called themselves”religious Humanists” including John Dewey and through our education establishments using Humanist textbooks spread the religion of Politically Correct Relativism, and the science of Darwinian Humanism in government, law, education, popular media and has “educated” the majority of the citizens to be Godless Humanists. After all we all go to public schools and universities where we are hard wired to become liberals. We have become a Country like the ones our fathers and mothers escaped from where human rights were in the hands of those “ISMS” that were in power. The ones who don’t agree with this liberal agenda get suspended from their employment , get fined or go to jail. We have become a society with no morality or justice at all.

    That is why criminals,and their aptly named criminal lawyers get rich at the expense of their victims of crime and the victims of crime suffer twice, because the crown prosecutors can’t or won’t defend them. The citizens pay the salaries and pensions of the politicians, judiciary, crown prosecutors and court workers.

    We murder our babies by the millions for our convenience and call it abortion.

    Unless we as voting citizens of Canada decide to do something about our culture and future nothing will change, because in a democracy the citizens get the government they deserve.

  6. What we are experiencing in all of the governments, including U.S. and Canadian, is the oppression, destruction, wickedness and death of anti-Christ. There are only two spirits in the eart; the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of anti-Christ.

    Had the born again not become as deceived as the unregenerate, the ambassadors of Christ would have spread His Kingdom throughout the earth and long before now mankind would have flourished under Christ’s Kingdom principles of love and righteousness. To this day, Christians remain deceived, still looking to the false anti-Christ governments to ‘correct’ themselves and ‘do righteously’. So long as we Christians look to mortals, and to pagans in high places, to be what WE ought to be, we shall have the wicked ruling over us.

    As the Lord has warned: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:” (Hosea 4:6) So long as we look to mortal leaders in the ‘churches’ rather than to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, only our flesh is appeased while our spirits wither for lack of Life from the Spirit and Word of God for lack of true intimate communion with Him. So long as we content ourselves with a whore church system, licensed by pagan states to serve them, not to serve Christ, we are indulging in idolotry and harlotry no differently from what ancient Israel did. (Read the book of Hosea to see what the ‘church’ has become.)

    It is the body of Christ that must wake up and REPENT, (Revelation chapters 2 and 3), before we will be in right standing with Christ and fit to fulfill His command to us in Revelation 19, to utterly destroy satan’s Babylonian Harlot. But so long as we, in our gross ignorance and unbelief, hold fast to the harlot church system, we are IN the Babylonian Harlot, the one Christ is calling us to come out of in Revelation 18:4.

    What is wrong with the world persists because the same sins are in the ‘churches’. The world will not ‘improve’ or be ‘corrected’ unless and until the body of Christ exits the harlot and repents for our idolatry and adultery against Him. Seeing how blind the body of Christ is even at this late date, can there be any wonder why Revelation tells us that Christ has to return in Person to clean up a mess that His body was supposed to deal with so that there would indeed ‘be faith in the earth when the Son of Man returns’?

    Do the world a favour, Christians, obey the Word and Spirit of Christ NOW.

  7. In 1979 the CBC spiked a Newfoundland Producer, Michael HARRIS’s production, “Ten Years After”. They claimed the program wasn’t balanced. Henry MORGENTALER didn’t show up when he learned the report was going to be objective about the change in Canada’s Abortion Law in 1969. You know to this very day the CBC will not release this program.

  8. The “Communist Broadcasting Corporation” are staggeringly ultra left secular elitist nutjobs. Disbaned the CBC entirely and sell of all of “their/our” assets, in particular all of the commericial real estate they use/own from coast to coast. I am of the mind that most Canadians really are as dumb as a bucket of wet hammers (used by union workers of course). What I loath is watching (paid via shaw) FOX news and nearly half of the ads I see are via the scum at the CBC..lol! The ads alone are in such stark difference compared to the “No Spin Zone” on Fox. Canada needs a FOX news..not a tax payer funded brain washing agency. Besides don’t we already have enough main stream ultra left wing media not funded by us overtaxed idiots?

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