CBC Got Slapped Down Again

Back in 2007, CBC floated this rather neutral idea of having a “greatest wish contest”.  Instead of wishing for stupid and fleeting things,  the biggest wish among Canadians was that abortion be abolished in Canada.  You can read some of my coverage hereherehere, here, and here.  Truth be told, if you examine the polls for the last many years on this question, the fact is that Canada is becoming pro-life.  This was not very surprising at all to the pro-life community, although the pro-aborts and their shills at the CBC were aghast at this revelation because the realization came “on their own turf”, so to speak.

Well, yesterday, in response to Michael Ignatieff’s boneheaded move to shill for the abortion lobby “as part of its committment to the health and welfare of mothers and children”, the CBC stuck its neck out yet again.  And once again, it got nailed.  It was convenient indeed for them that they closed the poll before the results became even more embarassing for them.  It was almost a 2-1 margin of victory.  What makes the pro-life victory even sweeter is that the poll was hosted on their own website where liberals live and where conservatives rarely visit.  They couldn’t even hold their own fort…even with a loaded question.  Just how pathetic is that?  It shows just how weak the pro-abort establishment is. They don’t have any real strength. Their strength is merely a perceived strength based on propaganda and the dissemination of fear and lies. But sooner or later, that tactic is going to fail, and we are, I firmly believe, on the cusp of seeing that edifice crash to the ground.

If Harper is smart, he can continue to soften his image among women by portraying himself as someone who cares about mothers and their babies by providing genuine maternal health care.  By framing the debate in this way, he can be perceived as someone who really cares about them, and not like Ignatieff who is using it for political gain only — perpetuating the brutality which abortion inflicts on both women and their babies. 

Women – even Canadian women – don’t want abortion. But they don’t want to be left high and dry either.  They want to see support and sacrifice offered to them.  If it’s a choice about keeping their babies and getting support vs. killing their babies, women will choose life. If Harper can show that he is a man of hope in this area, then he can score at Ignatieff’s expense in a big way.

As for this poll, it’s emblematic of the future of abortion and the CBC in Canada…going, going, gone!


3 thoughts on “CBC Got Slapped Down Again

  1. This is indeed a great victory for the pro-life side. By closing the poll, the CBC realized their faux pax, or it would have been more one-sided. It is great to see pro-life groups and individuals working together to defeat the evil of abortion. We did the same thing with U of S petition to try and stop Brad Trost’s bill to cut funding to PP. We swamped em both times, and the comments were there backing up our views.

    Even though we may have our theological differences, we can work together on these pro-family issues, and together we will make a lasting impact.

    GREAT JOB PRO-LIFERS! “Never tire of doing good.”

  2. maybe all life should be considered sacred and the elderly should not be cared for with fatal care in the religious institutions. Even priests and nuns are drugged and not fed. Or, in another facility fed less than what is necessary to support the body mass index. naturally they don’t live as long as God the Universe or even dumb luck would have allowed. If one only considers some life to have sanctity and doesn’t toot the horn for others maybe one is a hypocrite.

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