CBC crybabies

One of the wishes over at the CBC’ Great Canadian Wish Contest is this one.

A CBC employee is crying that the name of the wish “For a Spiritual Revival in Our Nation” is misleading.

He writes…

The name of the wish, unfortunately, misrepresents the true goal of this group: to increase the levels of active participation in Christianity in Canada.

Now, if it were truly a wish to revive spirituality in Canada, that would be different. Unfortunately, close-mindedness limits the current discussion to Christianity = Spirituality. The name of this group should really be changed to “For a Christian revival in our nation”.

Sadly, this is another reason I’ll never understand or respect organized religion: the “it’s us or nothing” type of debate.

And I respond…

Hey Mike,

I got a better idea. Why doesn’t the CBC stop pretending to be the nation’s public broadcaster and admit that it is really only a shill for anti-Christian bigots in this country? Everyone else already knows it, except the management of the CBC who still thinks its fooling everyone. Being honest would go along way in restoring any shred of credibility the CBC has left with the general public.

Not that, of course, the CBC cares about representing views of people it deems “certain religious types” aka faithful Christians.

It is far more of an outrage that the Christian Bashing Corporation pretends to be neutral and to represent all Canadians, then it is for Christians to post a wish for a spiritual revival for our nation. Any intelligent person reading the wish will soon discover it was written by Christians.

But, then again, we are not surprised at the policing of language by the CBC’s employees or representatives. It’s so very typical of its modus operandi.

2 thoughts on “CBC crybabies

  1. I am sorry that you are confusing Jesus with a marshmellow. Go and read the Gospels and learn about the real Jesus, instead of the effiminate one you have constructed for yourself.

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