2 thoughts on “CBC Craps On Homeschoolers

  1. Anna Maria Tremonti’s abrasive interview on November 14 regarding homeschooling in Alberta was a new low in CBC journalism. The interviewer made no attempt to hide her aversion to homeschooling. She questioned the beliefs and values of parents, accusing them of teaching things incorrectly and not “honouring” the Charter.
    In the interest of fair and unbiased journalism, I suggest that you invite some homeschooling kids and their parents on the show. You will find that the group is articulate, intelligent and interesting. Homeschool kids often have quite unique interests and great job experiences. It would be a terrific show.
    Yes, homeschoolers are in the minority in Canada. Statistics estimate that 1-2% of children in Canada are homeschooled, which means that 60,000 kids do not attend traditional school.
    The elephant in the room in the interview was that the liberal media is fearful that homeschooling parents are not teaching their children the politically corrects mores of our time. I can assure you that we are mentioning them, but homeschooling parents generally prefer to look to the time-honoured values of natural law and our Christian heritage. Our higher authority is God, and His commandments.
    In practical terms, that means that we love our neighbour, no matter his creed, colour, sex or even sexual orientation. We love our country and we abide by all its laws. However, we do not “honour” our laws. Governments come and go, and social trends the same. Homeschooling parents are trying to raise moral kids in a crazy world, doing the best job that we can.
    The offensive audio clip at the end of the interview was needlessly rude. The Whitest Kids U Know have a history of offensive material. You have offended tens of thousands of homeschooling families. An apology would be appreciated, but a genuine attempt to honestly interview a significant segment of the Canadian population would be preferred.
    Yours sincerely,
    Kathie Hogan
    Homeschooling mother of five kids

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