CBC Becomes Canadian Version of TV Marti

I was feeling kind of guilty for slamming the CBC during these past few weeks. They did give us the opportunity to show liberals and the rest of the media elites in Canada that we aren’t the fringe of the abortion debate. We’re actually the majority in this country. I was hoping that their presentation of the Great Canadian Wish would be fair and even handed when it made it to the airwaves.

Boy was I wrong.

You can view the report here:

The report itself is actually quite decent. We pro-lifers would like to thank Mike Wise for the part that he played. No complaints there at all. He provided fair and even-handed treatment of all the contestants and the “Abolish Abortion” wish in particular.

But there were several problems with the report, which were probably outside of his control.

I forced myself to watch the CBC for a good part of the morning in hopes of seeing the Great Canadian Wish report. I didn’t see a thing. OK. It will probably be aired in the afternoon. Again, I saw nothing. Maybe it will be an evening job. Nope. In fact, the only time I could gather this being shown was from the time shown on the screen of the YouTube clip featured above. When was that time? 10am or noon, perhaps? How about 3pm when a good number of viewers might be watching? Oh no. The powers-that-be at the Christian Bashing Corporation had a special time all marked out for us. What was that time, you ask? Well, 7:35 am EST, of course! And earlier as we travel West, of course! Yes, folks, as expected, they saved prime time for us. Right at the crack of dawn!

How so very predictable for this “news” organization. You know what the CBC represents for Canada? It is the Canadian version of TV Marti. TV Marti was started by former President Ronald Reagan to broadcast ideas of freedom, liberty, and the American way into communist Cuba in hopes of destabilizing Castro’s communist regime. The only problem is that old Fidel has been largely successful in jamming the signal so that only a small, miniscule fraction of the population can actually get the channel. In other words, this huge production, costing the U.S government close to a half billion dollars, spends its time broadcasting into oblivion with its reporters and actors performing for virtually a non-existent audience.

That’s not totally unlike the CBC here in Canada. While it certainly doesn’t broadcast American values, it is funded by tax payers’ dollars, costs billions to run, and, last but not least, nobody watches it.

Certainly, after this pathetic performance by the CBC, rest assured that the crickets will keep chirping outside of social conservative households well into the future. We sure won’t be tuning into CBC anytime soon. The fact that I had to subject my TV to CBC airwaves is bad enough, but to have them pull such a dishonourable trick is…well…so predictably liberal.

OK, everybody, let’s take a poll here. If the environment or tuition fees had won (they weren’t even close, but let’s pretend OK?), how many of you think we would be seeing that report every 15 minutes around the clock for 2-3 days? Boy, I sure see a lot of hands go up. Yes siree bob. I think we are all on the same page here.

And boy oh boy, they sure did go over board in producing that report. A whole 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Not like they want to feature this on something like the Passionate Eye, or anything, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Did you happen to see the look of the CBC announcer who introduced Wise’s piece? She had such a sour face on her that would give McCain’s lemonade a run for its money. Nothing like showing your true feelings about the results. Thanks for the feigned objectivity.

One more small note.

Mike Wise said in his piece that “Environics stopped asking about abortion 7 years ago because they say it is not on the political radar.” (see 1:56-2:03)

Really, then why did this Environics Poll come out in October, 2006?

Amy Langstaff, the spokewoman for Environics, then said:

“The last time we measured approval for abortion, about two thirds of the
Canadian public thought that abortion should be available to women.”

Really. That’s it? No further details? Come now. Let’s have all the truth, not just part of it, Amy.

According to the polling firm that Amy works for, the October 2006 poll showed that two thirds of Canadians want to keep abortion legal, but not into the third trimester. And 54% want it banned after three months!

Why didn’t she just say that 64% of Canadians effectively don’t agree with the unrestricted legal status of abortion in this country? That’s a lot more accurate. Maybe she works for the CBC part-time.

Once again, the CBC and the liberal clique that controls it get the booby prize for being the biggest biased political hacks one could ever hope to encounter. They are certainly unworthy of our tax dollars. If we ever EVER get into power, the first socon order of business will be to gut the CBC and throw the bums out. The sooner that day comes, the better.

8 thoughts on “CBC Becomes Canadian Version of TV Marti

  1. Stop lying about the moral majority. You so-cons are fringe and so shall you remain if you can’t stop lying and desperately trying to over-inflate your influence by sheer volume and underhanded propagaganda campaigns based on disinformation.

  2. John, thanks for posting the You-Tube capture of Mike Wise’s story.

    I too was deeply disappointed when I took time from my holiday to watch Newsworld, search the CBC website, and find NOTHING on the latest reporting.

    Is there a capture on You Tube of Mike Wise’s discussion with Gian Gomeshi on Friday?

    I will be writing a story about this and reaction. Hope we can talk.


  3. >>Stop lying about the moral majority. You so-cons are fringe and so shall you remain if you can’t stop lying and desperately trying to over-inflate your influence by sheer volume and underhanded propagaganda campaigns based on disinformation.

    Lying about the moral majority? I am sorry you don’t know how to read. What exactly are you angry about? The fact that the Environics poll (and the Compass one before it) showed that the majority of Canadians want some rather severe restrictions on abortion?

    Grow up and argue honestly instead of polluting my blog with irrelevant drivel.

  4. Deb, I don’t have anything else as I am on vacation so I didn’t see any other interview. Will be available for comment if you need it.

  5. I don’t think Medicare should pay for abortions.Unless it is to safe the womans life. I think if they really want one, why should it be pay for when drugs needed for cancer patients,aren’t!Plus a lot of life saving drugs!

  6. There’s a big difference between being the top-ranked in an informal (and unscientific) poll and equating that with being the majority of the population.

    A site I frequent always has a poll in the sidebar. Accompanying that poll is the disclaimer: “If you’re using these numbers to do anything important, you’re insane.”

    Kudos to the pro-lifers for coming together and supporting an idea that they’re obviously passionate about. However, without a more structured polling and opinion system to tell us otherwise, the numbers do little but stroke the ego of the people who support the idea.

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  8. Why oh why does the Communist Broadcasting Crapola (CBC)run commercials on top of ripping off the taxpayer to the tune of a billion a year? And we pay dearly for a Gliberal and soft porn collection of junk.
    I so wish the Cons get their majority and proceed to dismantle this expensive crapola.

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