Caught on tape: Canadian bishops-backed group doles out free contraception

While the U.S. bishops valiantly fight a mandate by the Obama administration forcing people of faith to cover contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs, the Canadian bishops’ international development arm is supporting a Haitian group that has been caught handing out free contraceptives.

Archbishop Richard Smith (L) and Archbishop Paul-André Durocher (R) are guided by APROSIFA coordinator Lody Auguste (centre) through the group’s art exhibit.

The two Archbishops who lead the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) visited the group, called the Association pour la promotion de la santé integrale de la famille (APROSIFA), with leaders from Development & Peace in December as part of a solidarity trip.

Simple web searches reveal that APROSIFA has produced literature on how to obtain abortions and runs a health clinic in a Port-au-Prince shantytown that offers “family planning.”

On February 24, a woman working undercover for LifeSiteNews called the clinic to ask about the possibility of obtaining contraceptives. She told the clinic worker that she is 21 years old and has no children, and the worker informed her that she could come into the clinic from Monday to Friday “for a [family] planning program or for pills.”

Asked if it would cost anything, the worker responded, “No, to the contrary, it is completely free.”

APROSIFA’s work promoting “family planning” is “ground breaking” according to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, one of its funders, because, “family planning is still controversial in some Haitian families” and information about it is “not widely available elsewhere.”… (Source)

In December, I sent in an Access to Information request to obtain the names of all of the groups D&P is funding for the next five years.  My request was denied because releasing the information would put D&P at a “competitive disadvantage” with their application with CIDA.  So the long and short is that we have to wait.  The chances are pretty good, however, that we will still have many, many pro-abort groups (and new ones too!) funded by Development & Peace.

By the way, we covered this story last year.  Check out the these posts…

How tragic it is indeed that the CCCB is more concerned with banning pro-life media from their useless Assemblies than dealing with the push for abortion in the Global South, financed every year by Canadian Catholic Lenten offerings.  They cover their ears and close their minds when the truth is offered to them.

These men have serious, serious spiritual and leadership failings.  It’s now 3 years and counting with this abortion drama.  And they still, still will not admit that repentance on their part is what is required.

God help us all.  They will not permit their pride to be overcome….even for the sake of unborn life.

One thought on “Caught on tape: Canadian bishops-backed group doles out free contraception

  1. Perhaps it’s time that we protested these turn of events. We protest abortion because human lives are being lost, but here we are witnessing human souls being lost. Catholic souls are being aborted and the bishops aren’t doing squat.

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