Catholics want Church Doctors, Not Spin Doctors

My good friend, Suzanne Fortin (Big Blue Wave), has written another homerun for No Apologies….

In my last column, I addressed the war of words between LifeSite News, Father Rosica and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops over the handling of pro-life issues. Soon after my last piece, I learned that the bishops would be studying the phenomenon of Catholic blogging and websites at their next plenary meeting from October 19th to the 23rd in Montreal. At that time they will formally establish a new standing committee on social communications. Apparently, there is a concern that Magisterial Catholics succeed in getting their message out.

And the bishops don’t.

Among the people drafted to help with this committee is Barry McLoughlin, a communication expert who praised Ted Kennedy on his blog with nary a word on the Senator’s pro-abortion record; and Niquette Delage, a former head of the Montreal chapter of the feminist pro-abortion YWCA.

The selection of the personnel gives me the impression that the Canadian Bishops just don’t understand the crux of the problem.

The bland, unchallenging, barely supernatural, easy-listening Catholicism that the church elites have been peddling does not convert souls, does not inspire faith, does not bring salvation and in fact in not requiring anything of anyone and leaves people adrift, to come and go in the church, without ever having to make a personal commitment to God or the Church; commitments to adhere to Catholic doctrine; to practice chastity; to raise children in the faith; to come to communion in a state of grace and to go to confession if they’re not.

Developing a public relations strategy is the equivalent of re-shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic… read the rest here.

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