Catholics: The New Niggers

I’m not a fatalist by any stretch, but I have had the sinking feeling for years now that this movie will certainly play out, and there is really nothing we can do about it – except to learn how to smile under persecution. It’s coming in our life times.  They want our heads and they’re going to get them.  But here’s the great irony:  we’ve been trying to avoid this downward spiral to martydom as we see everything we love being stripped away from us, but it is only through the suffering that comes with this trial that we will regain our identity and dignity as Catholics.  We love the wrong things and so God is going to use this time to correct our disordered attractions.

What we fear most is, in fact, our deliverance.

Welcome to the Passion of the 21st century.

Fathers:  get yourselves ready by detaching yourselves mentally and spiritually from any attachment to wealth or power because, in time, you will be confronted with the choice to materially separate yourselves from those things.  If you work on the first two, the latter choice will be a lot easier, although obviously still difficult.  The day is approaching when you will be required to sign a “human rights” pledge at your place of work which affirms the sexual anarchy of our age.

“…Add to that the approaching discrimination against Catholics seeking positions in commerce and public life.  Catholics will not be suitable for public charities, medicine, education, journalism, or in the legal profession, especially judgeships and law enforcement.  As the bishops, by the acknowledgement of many of their own number, failed to articulate the cogency of doctrines on contraception and other moral issues,  so will they now, despite the best intentions, not be able to stem the radical attrition among native Catholics whose eyes are on mammon, and among recent immigrants whose privileges are guaranteed only if they vote for opponents of the Church.  The general election of 2012 may rally the fraction of conscientious Catholics among the sixty million or so sympathetic Catholics. If their influence is not decisive, and the present course of federal legislation accelerates, encouraged by a self-destructive appetite for welfare statism  on the part of ecclesiastical bureaucrats, the majority of Catholics with tenuous commitments to the Faith will evaporate, as did the lapsed baptized in North Africa during the oppression of the emperor Diocletian…” (Source)

2 thoughts on “Catholics: The New Niggers

  1. Much of the problem isn’t external. We have a problem with the liberal Catholics who go along with the secular flow of ignorance and apathy.

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