Catholics Can’t Vote for Pro-Abort Politicians: Cardinal-Designate Burke

Cardinal-designate Burke is doing a great service to the Church in this age.  He never minces words.  He makes the Faith so simple that even a child could understand:

“You can never vote for someone who favors absolutely the right to choice of a woman to destroy a human life in her womb or the right to a procured abortion,” the archbishop told Thomas McKenna, President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, in an interview released this week.


The archbishop told McKenna that, “As a bishop it’s my obligation in fact, to urge the faithful to carry out their civic duty in accord with their Catholic faith.” Catholics, he said, have “a very serious moral obligation in voting to vote for those candidates who would uphold the truth of the moral law, which of course also serves the greatest good of everyone in society.”

It’s his “obligation”.  Absolutely awesome.  Are other bishops paying attention?

5 thoughts on “Catholics Can’t Vote for Pro-Abort Politicians: Cardinal-Designate Burke

  1. What the Church actually teaches, and I can`t image Cardinal-elect Burke disagrees, is that you can never vote for a pro-abortion candidate because they are pro-abortion.

    But that`s not the same as saying you can`t vote for a pro-abortion candidate.

    So, for example, Catholic persons can (and still do) vote for the pro-abortion Stephen Harper if they live in his riding. They might do so for pragmatic reasons, being unimpressed with his views for example, but still feeling under his reign no regress will occur on this particular issue, in contrast to what might happen if an opponent took power…

    But the question comes down to pragmatism. Do I waste my vote on the Christian Heritage Party, or do I choose what I feel to be the least evil of the realistic options?

  2. Kelly, it is not considered wasteful when one votes in a Christian manner. Just because there are so many others that don’t do this, doesn’t mean that you or anyone else has to follow them. Voting for a moral, upstanding, Christian candidate is never wasteful.

  3. Kelly I have met with pro-life Conservative, Christian Heritage Party and Engineer Wilf Hani the leader of the BC Heritage Party in Tom Landers home. They are very capable politicians and leaders. Professor Tom Landers had a large Norman Rockwell print in his home Titled,” Freedom of Speech”, it showed a laborer in a plaid shirt, standing up and speaking and two men one in a suit and tie, the other in a white shirt and tie sitting and listening to him with expressions of admiration on their faces. Tom was a humble wealthy man who taught that everyone has something valuable to contribute to society. A vote is never wasted on a capable candidate. Perhaps others may be convinced to vote for reason at some point.

  4. I meant to say Engineer Wilf Hanni Leader of BC Heritage Party. We ought to support our sanctity of life politicians we know, regardless what anyone may say. Sorry for missing an “n” in your last name Wilf.

  5. Although abortion is the most heinous abuse of the right to life, let us remember there are at least 2 other prominant life issues including the misnamed euthenasia (merciful killing) and capital punishment. Unfortunately, the major political parties remain divided on these life issues. If the Christian Heritage Party is unique in this manner, praise God!

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