Catholicism: Still The Greatest Liberator

…The movement also condemned the persecution of the Jews as the “most frightful crime against human dignity, a crime that is unparalleled in the whole of history”.

The language of some of the pamphlets directly echoed the theology of Cardinal Newman, who died in Birmingham in 1890 and who is likely to be beatified during a visit to Britain by Pope Benedict in September next year.

According to Mr Knab, Sophie introduced Newman to her friends and to her boyfriend, Lieutenant Fritz Hartnagel, an officer in the German army. “For some friends of the circle of the White Rose Newman’s theology of conscience was a marking factor,” wrote Mr Knab.

“When on May 20 1942 Sophie Scholl and her fiancĂ©e saw each other for the last time she gave him two volumes of John Henry Newman’s sermons among other [books] as a farewell present.”

Lt Hartnagel was then deployed to the Eastern Front and saw corpses of soldiers murdered by their German guards, and began to hear reports of mass killings of local Jews.

“What a fallacy it is to take nature as our model for our actions and to describe its cruelty as ‘great’,” he later said in a letter to Sophie in July 1942. “But we know by whom we were created and that we stand in a relationship of moral obligation to our creator. Conscience gives us the capacity to distinguish between good and evil.”

Mr Knab has identified Hartnagel’s words as taken verbatim from a sermon given by Newman called “The Testimony of Conscience”.

Cardinal Newman taught that conscience was an echo of the voice of God enlightening each person to moral truth in concrete situations….(Source)

And here we are 67 years later and the Church is still insisting on the dignity of every human person…and just like Hitler and his National Socialist Party, the socialists today are still denying it.

When will we rid ourselves of the scourge of socialism infecting society and the Church?

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