Catholic Register coverage of Fr. Arriaga omits important facts

The Catholic Register published an article on their website on Fr. Arriaga and Development and Peace. I must say that their coverage is very, very disappointing.

Once again, it didn’t report everything that people should know. I don’t blame the author, but I certainly blame the editorial approach of The Catholic Register which avoids the hard facts of the abortion advocacy of D&P’s partners.

Scrubbing the site of Catholics for the Right to Decide? I guess that’s not newsworthy enough.

They also claim that “The archbishop also urged continued support for D&P.”  That’s not in the Archbishop’s letter. He asked that the goal of D&P in favour of the poor continue to be at the forefront of our Lenten almsgiving. But he doesn’t say to give to D&P.

I guess that’s why the blogs exist… so rank and file faithful Catholics can get ALL of the goods instead of just some of them.

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