Catholic Register defending the wrong social justice group — again

As John reported in an earlier post, the Catholic Register is lamenting the possibility that the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC), a social justice organization, might have its government funding cut.  Boo hoo.  This could have been a tragedy if CCIC was doing great work.  As it turns out, they’re just another left-wing rag pushing abortion and contraception in the Global South.

A quick look at CCIC’s website yields tons of documents pushing for reproductive and sexual rights, as well as abortion and contraception.  Go ahead and Google it for yourselves.  I’ll just give you one example from a position paper or manifest entitled The Global Challenge to End Poverty and Injustice: A Canadian 10-Point Agenda.

As you flip through the document, guess which item is the #1 point?  “Point 1: Promote Women’s Rights and Equality“.  So how do they define this? Well, it would appear that contraception is an essential ingredient to saving women’s lives:

“The human rights of women include their right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to their sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.”

Yet every year an estimated 200 million women who want to delay or avoid pregnancies are not using family planning. Further, if women who wanted effective contraception had access to it, one in three deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth could be avoided. (page 12)

That’s right.  Fly across the Savannah dropping condoms from a chopper and you’ll save the world.

But they don’t stop there.  They also identify abortion as a key ingredient to world prosperity because in places where they don’t have access to it, women are dropping like flies:

A key factor to women’s health is early access to sexual and reproductive services. Lack of these services can lead to high mortality rates among women and children; the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, and increases in deaths, injuries and disabilities from unsafe abortions and poor birth spacing. (page 14)

This logic is very weak.  If an unsafe abortion is dangerous, the solution is not to have an unsafe abortion. Imagine that you’re a psychiatrist counselling a person with suicidal tendencies and who’s thinking of shooting himself in the head.  What would you tell the patient?

Choice A:  Don’t fire the gun.  Give it to me.

Choice B:  Shoot your child instead.

Why do so many women allegedly die in developing countries because of complications from pregnancies or child birth?  Answer:  because their health care system is so lousy, that any complication can become life threatening.  Heck, even an infection can kill you if you don’t have the anti-biotics. In a rich country like Canada, such deaths are virtually unheard of because we can treat these complications quickly and efficiently.  The real solution to reducing maternal deaths is to improve health care in these countries, not to avoid pregnancies altogether.  They’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater, literally!

But I digress.

The policy recommendations in this document also include the obligatory:

Guarantees of sexual and reproductive health and rights. (page 29)

So you see, this group is advancing the “Development and Peace” version of social justice.  They do not deserve the sympathy of devout Catholics.  There are much better development agencies out there.

Once again, the Catholic Register has picked a bad ally.  I personally hope that the government cuts all its funding to CCIC.  Good riddance.

5 thoughts on “Catholic Register defending the wrong social justice group — again

  1. I am sure you will find something wrong with this too!

    Shame on you!!

    Development and Peace helping flood-affected populations in Pakistan

    Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have caused devastating floods in several parts of the country. The Government of Pakistan estimates that 13.8 million people have been affected and the situation is expected to worsen as the waters of the Indus River continue to swell from the rain and impact more areas.

    So far, the gushing flood waters have destroyed houses, roads, bridges, toppled electrical and phone lines, and reportedly caused the deaths of 1,600 people. Those living in the affected areas are faced with displacement, food shortages, lack of shelter, minimal clean water and sickness.

    Development and Peace is contributing to the emergency response organized by Caritas Internationalis and its local partner Caritas Pakistan to bring much-needed humanitarian aid to those affected. The organization is contributing $50,000 and hopes to give more through donations from the Canadian public.

    As soon as the floods began, Caritas Pakistan quickly mobilized and has already provided emergency relief to 1,300 families in two districts in the province of Punjab. It aims to extend its reach over the next two weeks with the distribution of water, food, cooking utensils, health and hygiene kits, mosquito nets and water purification tablets to close to 3,000 households. As the effects of the flooding emerge, Caritas will continue to respond to the situation with further emergency relief programs.

    “Assessments are difficult right now due to the isolation of some communities, high waters and cut-off communications,” explains Barbara Trachsel, Emergency Programs Officer at Development and Peace. “However, as the picture becomes clearer we will be able to provide communities with the aid they need, whether it be food and clean water or cash-for-work programs to help people get back on their feet after losing their homes, cattle and crops.”

    Development and Peace will be accepting donations from Canadians to further help with this emergency response. Donations can be made by telephone (1 888 664-3387), on our website or by sending a cheque made out to Development and Peace and indicating Pakistan Floods to:

    Development and Peace
    1425 René-Lévesque Blvd. West. 3rd Floor
    Montreal QC H3G 1T7

    – 30 –

    Kelly Di Domenico
    514 257-8711 / 514 257-8710 ext. 365

  2. Same old, same old. Helping flood victims is great, but if D&P can’t do it without passing out condoms (cf. Haiti) then they should stop calling themselves Catholic.

  3. Dear Paul,

    Are you saying that it is okay to do evil things as long as one also does lots of good things? Why can’t we stop doing evil things and do even more good things?

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