Catholic professor reinstated by University of Illinois for fall term

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Dr. Kenneth Howell, a professor at the University of Illinois, has been fired for explaining the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality.  After receiving tons of complaints and a lawsuit threat from the professor, the University has reinstated Dr. Howell.

This is certainly good news, but there are still some unknowns.

First of all, whlie Dr. Howell will be teaching again in the Fall, his status for the Spring semester has not been specified.

Moreover, the professor’s reinstatement appears to be temporary, as a committee is still reviewing his case.  We’ve made some progress, but we’ll see where this goes.  Keep praying for all persecuted Christians.

Read more on this development here.

One thought on “Catholic professor reinstated by University of Illinois for fall term

  1. Professional people who oppose the Homosexual Agenda on scientific facts, common sense facts, and teach the truth are fired in the now Pagan Western Civilization.
    William Wilberforce stood up for truth against his Political Party, The Supreme Court and misinformed citizens. The Western Civilization said they were Christian but behaved like Pagans. He wrote a bestselling book in 1797 titled,” A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians in the higher and Middle Classes in This Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity.” The Country had dehumanized slaves in Law and Education. It took William decades to convince his Party, The Supreme Court, and the people that they were behaving in a Secular or Pagan way, but not Christian as to Genesis 1:27.
    We need such politicians today, and professor Tom Landers has taught this to me. John Pacheco is a politician that agrees with Tom Landers.

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