Catholic or Bust

We must never lose sight that Jesus’ death on the cross was for each one of us personally. We need to see His sacrifice, not only for all of humanity for all time, but for each one of us, individually and exclusively (if that were possible).  We must view it as if He died for each one us, even if each one of us was the only human person ever to live. 

Tell me, what would you do, if someone gave his life freely for  you?  Would you not feel indebted?

In the coming years, you will see the Catholic Church being the only “denomination” still standing.  All the other Christian denominations of any substance and size will be blown away like dust.  And then, shortly after that, it will be One Church vs. the Leviathan. One battle. Winner takes all.

And the great thing is…we know who wins.  The good Book tells us so.

2 thoughts on “Catholic or Bust

  1. Last denomination left standing… When you consider that all the mainline protestant churches are little more than branch offices of the NDP and Kairos, it has already, as the King James might put it “come to pass”.

    There remain the non-denominational evangelical churches, and it’s time we started building bridges to them.

    The Eucharist, in terms of the real Presence was not a great leap for me, nor should it be for an evangelical who believes in the sovereignty of God. If one believes that God is omnipotent, sovereign and capable of literal miracles, it isn’t a stretch to accept, especially given John 6, to believe that God could and would choose to come to us in the form of bread and wine.

    What say you?

  2. It’s not as easy as you think, Neal. There’s still a lot of ignorance and anti-Catholic bigotry out there. The Alliance Church, for instance, has a strain of anti-Catholic bigotry in it.

    There will always be fractured Christianity to some extent. But as far a large bodies, the Catholic Church will be the only one left standing.

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