Catholic Men’s Group – Dates Set – Jan.22 & 24

As I have been mentioning to many of you over the past several months, I want to explore the possibility of starting a men’s group.  This is merely an exploratory endeavour at this point, as I want to see what kind of response is out there. So I am proposing to have a couple of evenings in January – Thurs. Jan.22 and Sat. Jan.24 to show a very moving testimony by a modern-day Job. 
I realize that all of us are very busy, and the last thing we need is another group to commit to. However, I am absolutely convinced that God is calling Catholic men to step up to the plate.  As someone who has been involved in activism for 11 years, I can confidently tell you that political and social efforts are good, but they are wholly insufficient to deal with the challenges the Church and our families are facing.  We need something more fundamental.  We need a movement of Catholic men which draws in our fallen away brothers.   I’ve backed off doing activism for over a year now (not voluntarily, mind you, but God works in mysterious ways!), and in so doing have developed a deeper prayer life.
Through this time, I have become absolutely convinced that the way of revival and cultural renewal starts with Catholic men.  Catholic men are the first domino. Knock that domino down…and everything falls into place and all of the garbage we face simply vanishes.  Catholic men keep families together…and when families stay together, almost all of the social ills and disorders we face simply melt away.  And furthermore, I am also convinced that such a movement would be one of the greatest evangelizing forces the Church has ever known.
I believe that the Holy Spirit is calling us.  I’ve talked to other guys and they feel the same pull. In fact, just a few days ago, I came across this video….
from this website…
So, if you are interested, let me know for planning purposes.
If you are not interested at this time or can’t make it in Janaury, please let me know too so that I know this email has not been caught in spam.
Many thanks.
In Christ our Sovereign King,
John Pacheco
Legionnaires of St. Maurice

3 thoughts on “Catholic Men’s Group – Dates Set – Jan.22 & 24

  1. A group of Catholic men, women and pro-life people met at Professors Tom and Molly Landers home regularly.They never gave up on doing good.They could not stand having so-called neutral Democratic Secular Kinsey Sex Education traumatize innocent,impressionable school children.All meetings started and ended with prayer.Our bodies are a Temple for Christs Holy Spirit.Blessings.

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