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Over the past number of years, I have peeled away from doing active Catholic apologetics to concentrate on the culture war. As I say to people these days, best to try and bail a sinking Titanic than trying to argue over who is the best to steer the ship while it’s going down (i.e. Protestant vs. Catholic).

Still, although I am still looking for a webmaster for The Catholic Legate, I do steal away some time here and there to add some articles to the site a few times a year.

I have regigged the products section so that all audio presentations to date have been converted to MP3 and are copied on to one single DVD. It can be purchased for $25. Here are the recent additions…


John Pacheco


Last Update: January 2, 2008

Mark Bonocore vs. Matt Slick: Discussions about the Catholic FaithIn these twelve exchanges hosted by Christian Apologetics Research Ministry’s “Faith and Reason” Web Radio broadcast, Catholic Apologist, Mark Bonocore, and Calvinist Apologist, Matt Slick, discuss the teachings of the Catholic Church. Topics include Ecclesiology, the Canon of Scripture, Tradition, the Papacy, Mary, Predestination, Justification, Purgatory and many other areas of agreements and disagreements between Catholics and Protestants. The first exchanges start out rather stoically, but thankfully the latter ones get a bit more impassioned and more interesting. Mark scores a number of jaw dropping, knock-out blows during this series. (Click here and here to sample just a couple of them.) Interestingly, we are uncertain why Mr. Slick is offering only five of these 58-minute discussions for sale when Mark appeared twelve times on his hour long show. Mark does an absolutely superb job in exposing the inherent weaknesses of Protestant objections to Catholic teaching and showing the inherent weak foundation of Protestantism. A great resource to share with a Protestant friend.

Mark Bonocore vs. Gary DeMar: Why Catholicism is necessary to debunk The DaVinci CodeIn this barn-burner of a dialogue, Mark Bonocore takes on Gary Demar on Stu Epperson’s As the broadcast makes evident, the Catholic approach to debunking The DaVinci Code is the most effective way of countering the liberal distortions of our time since it incorporates the early Church’s historical witness to the divinity of Christ. The dialogue, however, soon gets off track with both Mark and Gary defending each other’s views regarding the Canon, the Church Fathers, and Eschatology among other topics.

Click here to purchase Mark’s entire 12 hour dialogue with Matt Slick and Mark’s 30 minute dialogue with Gary Demar for only $25. As a bonus, we will include all other Legate audio presentations for free as well! All audio presentations are recorded on a single DVD in MP3 format.

From a reader…

Dear Mark, I am from Brazil and apologist. I frequented the adventism for 10 years but yesterday I confess and I am officially back the Catholic Church. Today I will take communion. I am very happy. I thank the American sites as yours, that helped me a lot. I translate from English and that I can have access to so many good materials as yours and of Dave Armstrong, for example. Thank you and be with God.

Caesarea Philippi, The Towering Backdrop to Peter’s Profession
The Catholic Legate’s director, John Pacheco, had an article published in Catholic Answer’s This Rock magazine on the significance of Caesarea Philippi to the papacy. John explores the historical background to the area where Jesus conferred primary authority on St. Peter, and offers a unique angle on the geographical relevance to the Catholic teaching on the Papacy. Check out the April edition of This Rock and get a new angle on the primacy of Peter!!! (Pacheco – 14KB – 05.06).

The edition that was eventually published can be read here.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? – The Principal Reasons Why St. James the Just Could Not Possibly Be the Literal Brother of Jesus Christ – Mark Bonocore cuts down liberal academia’s pretensions about Mary’s virginity by defending the traditional Catholic view of this ancient doctrine. Mark proposes new insights for the Catholic Apologetics community which will serve the Church’s apologia for the semper virgo. (Bonocore – 17KB – 05.06)

Contraception: Sexual Idolatry Revealed – The bible talks about idolatry and sorcery. And while conventional images of golden calves and magical incantatations first come to mind when these words are uttered, there is a far deeper meaning to them when considered within the realm of sex. In this article, Legate Director John Pacheco offers some views on this subject which are not that commonly known. (Pacheco – 32KB – 07.05)

How to Speak to a Jew – In this dialogue, a recent Catholic convert from Evangelicalism asks Mark for some help in his dialogue with Paul, a Jewish critic of Christianity. Proof texting is not an option with our elder Abrahamic brethren but a more nuanced and cultured response is. (Bonocore – 43KB – 07.11)

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  1. Dear Uncle Pacheco,
    It’s nice to read your works and I’m bless by the great Apologetics work you and your wonderful team are doing there at the Catholic Legate.

    I looking forward for an updated Catholic Legate site and greetings to Dr. Sippo and Zio Marco (that’s how I call Mark Bonocore)

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