Catholic Legate Endorses Monte McNaughton’s Bid for the Ontario PC Leadership

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One thought on “Catholic Legate Endorses Monte McNaughton’s Bid for the Ontario PC Leadership

  1. Ontario’s lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has specifically requested that the proposed sex-education curriculum slated for all schools next fall include a component teaching kids about giving sexual “consent” from “the very earliest stages.”

    Wynne asked the Ministry of Education to “finalize a new health and physical education curriculum that gets at some of the root causes of gender inequality, and starts at the very earliest stages to develop an understanding of healthy relationships and consent,” according to a communication obtained by The Star.

    The curriculum was first revealed in 2010 by the then-McGuinty government and immediately buried after a province-wide uprising of concerned parents. The curriculum would have taught children to question their male/female identity, about oral and anal sex, masturbation, and experimental family structures.

    Critics said the curriculum, which was developed during the time Wynne served as education minister, contained an explicit homosexual agenda that normalized homosexual activity and relationships. Their concerns about the explicit program were bolstered when the province’s former deputy minister of education Dr. Ben Levin — who oversaw the development of the sex-ed curriculum — was arrested in 2013 in the wake of an international child pornography and child exploitation sting. Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography as well as arranging for a sexual offense with a child.

    Righteous Canadians it’s your responsibility to nominate and elect wholesome politicians who will pass righteous Bills into Canadian Law,and give sound reasons for doing so.Your children are depending on you!

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