Catholic Legate Condemns Synod Document on the Family

The Catholic Legate categorically condemns and rejects the preliminary Synod document on the Family.   As hard as it is to believe, the errors of the Winnipeg Statement are mild compared to the document just released.

I reject not only the heretical and demonic elements of this document i.e. on cohabitation and homosexuality, but its overall theological foundation whose errors have not yet been exposed.

This blog post reflects my thinking on the matter.

I’ve spent almost my whole adult life defending the family and in particular, traditional marriage. I have suffered greatly because of it, both publicly and in my private life.  It will be a cold day in hell before I let Walter Kasper and his fellow heretical collaborators define what marriage is for the Catholic Church or for my family.

It is time for the Catholic Faithful to raise their voices in unison and ensure that the bishops of the Catholic Church preserve the teachings of Jesus on marriage and sexuality.

Personally, I am going to wait and watch over the next year and make my own decision for my family in relation to the institutional Church, after the final document is released.

I’ll also be watching closely what Benedict says and does, as well.   I do not believe the Church has really understood or appreciated that Pope Francis will not be able to contradict Pope Benedict, should Benedict speak out against the document.

I also have every confidence that the backlash over the Sin-odd’s document will be massive and unmistakable.

For now, we need to pray, sacrifice, fast, and watch.  A year is a long time and lots of things can happen in a year.  Deaths, wars, earthquakes….and reversal of positions…lots of things.  God works in mysterious ways.

John Pacheco
The Catholic Legate

4 thoughts on “Catholic Legate Condemns Synod Document on the Family

  1. See Veritatis Splendor 55-56. St. John Paul has given that thinking the smackdown. And he was also the pope who wrote an encyclical on mercy and proclaimed Divine Mercy Sunday, so he certainly didn’t see law and mercy as an either/or proposition.

    Thank God for the head of the Polish bishops’ conference who is the first to openly reject this document. Hopefully more will speak out despite the censorship and media manipulation.

  2. Thank heavens Cardinal Burke’s interview is coming out tomorrow. They say he isn’t pleased only one side of what’s going on in the Synod is being reported.

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