Catholic Lapdog Press Gets Rattled

This is a revealing story.

Just goes to show how bloggers are so important to getting at the real story.  Too much Koolaid in the Catholic Mainstream Media.

Don’t believe everything you read, just because an organization has money or manpower.   They’re all collecting paychecks from “the man”.  And if the man tells them to ignore a story…they’ll ignore it….which is why we have the crisis in Catholic journalism we have today.

Little transparency and too much sucking up to “the Club” instead of upholding the Faith and basic virtue.

One thought on “Catholic Lapdog Press Gets Rattled

  1. Money and obfuscation. The same pattern repeating itself over, and over, and over.

    Based on such worldy motivators, would an impartial observer be able to tell the difference between many Catholic news services and secular ones?

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