Catholic Insight May Strike Back

Commission drops case against Catholic magazine
judicial review still possible

A year and a half and many thousands of dollars in legal fees after a nine-point human rights complaint was filed against Canada’s national Catholic magazine of news, opinion and analysis by an Edmonton-based homosexual activist, Catholic Insight has been informed that the case has been dropped. However, a judicial review before the Federal Court is still possible should the complainant pursue that avenue.

Mr. Rob Wells filed the complaint over the magazine’s allegedly offensive coverage of homosexual activism and the issues it has affected. According to editor Father Alphonse de Valk, however, the magazine has consistently set out the Roman Catholic Church’s position on such questions, making it clear that persons with same-sex attraction must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity and every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

“We welcome the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s decision in this matter and were confident from the outset that we would be vindicated,” said Father de Valk. He added that his publication not only has the right, but the responsibility, to report, analyze, comment on, and criticize where necessary, homosexual activism as it pertains to important social issues such as the nature of marriage, adoption rights, the allocation of social benefits, burdens on the health system caused by unhealthy behaviours and so on.

“It is chilling to think that a publication can be hauled before a government tribunal simply for reporting to interested citizens developments in these areas of controversy,” said Father de Valk. This matter underscores once again the necessity of urgent reform of the Canadian human rights system. He added that, coupled with a series of actions launched by a Toronto-based homosexual activist, Catholic Insight has been unnecessarily burdened with $20,000 in legal fees to date.

Given the consistently unsuccessful nature of these homosexual activist attacks upon it, Catholic Insight will now examine the prospects of launching countering legal actions against those who have been unnecessarily harassing and financially burdening the publication, said Father de Valk.

I’m glad to see Catholic Insight hitting back. I predict that if the threat of retaliatory legal action is made more credible, complainants and the Commissions will be less likely to even begin their star chamber proceedings.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Insight May Strike Back

  1. I wonder if the reaction to the Morgentaler debate had anything to to with this? Maybe the liberal elitists are starting to get a little worried.

  2. I hope they do counter sue and that the Vatican will support them as much as the Government of SA appears to support the CIC or the Government of Isreal supports the CJC and the B’nai Brith and the other “Friendship” associations/lobbyists.

    Only until there are real consequences for these witch hunts will the HRCs abandon their misguided crusades. Hopefully they can also be held responsible for malicious prosecutions. Let the defendants costs come directly out of their operating budget.

    2 dismissals in as many days? Jennifer Lynch may not get her fat performance pay bonus after all!

    Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion are among the cornerstones of democracy – Canada is not yet Zimbabwe but inching closer daily.

  3. I really hope they are serious. This Rob Wells character, and Darren Lund over in Alberta, are just grievance mongerers looking for a payout. I scrape better than them off the soles of my boots after a walk in the park.

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