Catholic Identity Restored

Why wouldn’t any young man not want to belong to something like this?

When you carve out identity and mission (with all of the trappings, yes!), young people will flock to the religious vocations.

++Burke might very well be the next Pope, even if he is an American.  No American has ever been elected Pope because, as the conventional wisdom goes, you don’t want the Pope coming from the greatest Superpower in the world.  The optics don’t look good.  If the Pope sides with the Americans on an international issue, people will claim it’s because he’s an American.  If he takes the opposite view, he will be branded a traitor.  He just can’t win.

But things in the world are changing and the greatest threat to religious freedom for the Church is happening now in America. And what happens in America eventually will happen in the West.  Under this rubric, it might be because he is an American that he might be elected.

If ++Burke becomes Pope, he will make Benedict look like a pussy in how he cleans house.  And boy, will Catholic politicians and certain canon lawyers be really surprised at what this guy will do!

For me, he’s the cat’s meow.

Compare a previous Pope (top) with ++Burke (bottom).  They look a lot alike.  Lose the smile, get a hair cut, get rounder glasses, dawn the papal white robes, and ++Burke looks like a dead ringer for this Pope!

Trivia Question: Who is that Pope?



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