Catholic Identity Requires a Mandatum

Forget about Obama’s mandate. I like Benedict’s much better.  Hopey changey is coming.

And speaking about so-called Catholic theologians and universities, can anyone here see the word “Catholic” in this list of non sense?

The closest you get is point 6 and even that is about establishing a “meeting place between the Church and the various contemporary cultures, religions and specialized fields of knowledge”.

Of course, social justice is there at point 9. Of course.

“A meeting place”.  Some phrases just sound so social justicey in the nebulous of the emerging universe.   Why do I feel stoned just reading this list?

2 thoughts on “Catholic Identity Requires a Mandatum

  1. You raise a good point, Penny. Too many bishops can’t be trusted to make the right call. But the most grievous offenders could be easily spotted.

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