Catholic Education: Now or Never

Michael Dopp, the current principal of Maryvale Academy in Ottawa,  has been invited to give an interview on CFRA regarding the recent provincial curriculum and the role of independent schools.

The interview will be held with “Nick at Night” on Tuesday @ 11:00pm. CFRA is at 580 AM.

Please let people know who might be interested in Maryvale Academy as they will hear about some of the “difficulties” with publicly funded schools and how independent schools are an excellent alternative.

Folks, the publicly funded Catholic School system in Ontario is on the ropes because, while there are some good teachers and principals in it, there’s only so much they can do to make a difference. 

TORONTO, May 10, 2010 ( – Despite the fact that persons must prove themselves to be practicing Catholics to be considered for a teaching position within the Catholic school boards of Ontario, several media reports have surfaced saying that some individuals are lying to not only board officials but even to Catholic priests about heir adherence to the faith, in order to land a job. A Toronto-area woman, who did not want to be identified, told the Canadian Press that she and other teachers who are non-religious are attending Mass every Sunday in hopes of getting a pastoral letter of reference which is a requirement for being hired by a Catholic school board. “I don’t particularly like going (to Mass) every Sunday, but if this is what I have to do, then I’ll do it,” said the woman. “I just really want to be in a career. I just want it so badly.” She also admitted to having gone to confession and lying to the priest after having read about the sacrament in a catechism book. Acknowledging a sense of guilt about the deception, the woman nevertheless stated that, “I know what I believe in. I support abortion. I support gay marriage. I’m going through what I have to go through to get a job. I know it sounds bad.” “You feel really helpless,” said the teacher. “I thought, why not try this option. It was kind of out of desperation … not that I think it will work for sure, but it’s to have another option.” “I haven’t gone for my, um, what do you call it, the bread thing yet…Communion. I’m nervous about it,” she added….

Start making preparations now for your children.  As I have always said, simply because it has four walls and a sign that says “school”  or “Catholic school” on it, doesn’t make it so.

Wake up.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Education: Now or Never

  1. Thank you very much John!

    Even though I pulled my kids out years ago from the publicly funded “Catholic” system, I more or less kept my mouth shut when people said it wasn’t bad, or that so and so is a great teacher.

    No more. We have a moral obligation to shout out when we see souls being systematically led away from the gospel.

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