Canadian Catholic Church Suing Pro Lifers

And so, it had to come.  The spinelessness of the Canadian episcopacy is now come into full bloom with Fr. Raymond Gravel’s slap suit against LifeSite News.  Here is LSN’s commentary on this farce. Steve’s original blog post on this is here.

“Gravel said he had informed his bishop about the lawsuit but that he was acting on his own. Joliette Bishop Gilles Lussier was away and a spokesman said the diocese had no comment.” (Source)

Like that is a big surprise, huh?  “No comment.”  Well, I have a comment, and it’s this.  The Canadian hierarchy can no longer remain silent and neutral in the fight for human life, or seek to shield those who play fast and loose with the Church’s teaching, camaflauging themselves and playing word games, and providing a scandalous witness to the Church’s faithful.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen among the hierarchy, but if Gravel is permitted to continue this lawsuit against LSN as an unsanctioned Catholic priest in this country, this will further erode the bishops’ credibility in the eyes of the Faithful.  We’ve already had Development & Peace.  Now we have this.

If Gravel goes undisciplined, the Canadian Church will have signalled that it is quite permissible that one of its ordained ministers, under obedience to Her bishops, is permitted to make such a baseless and gratuitous attack against Christ’s Faithful who are defending human life.  Fr. Gravel is not simply attacking LSN.  He is attacking all Faithful Catholics who are loyal to the Church’s magisterium, not to mention the unborn. 

His pathetic attempts at separating himself and his scandalous actions from his bishop or from the Church don’t cut it, either.  He is a minister of the Church – in his private life as well as in his public life. 

We have to therefore ask his bishop, Is the Catholic Church now in the business of suing its people, your Grace?”

It’s time for the bishops of this country to figure out which side of Life they are on, to start to act like real men and real fathers, and start to bring down some discipline…providing, of course, they still know what it means, if they ever did.

If they had been doing their jobs on the Life Issues, Fr. Gravel would have never have dreamed of saying the things he has said or taking the action he has taken.

As for the rest of us, we can pray and donate money to LSN.   Because being Catholic today and meaning it comes at a hefty financial cost.

Folks, we need to re-orient our giving too.  Give less to the institutional church, less to the bishops, and more to the Faithful and their efforts.

9 thoughts on “Canadian Catholic Church Suing Pro Lifers

  1. Professor Tom Landers introduced me to visiting Chinese Catholics of China’s underground Church. They refused to go to sit with or recognize the Canadian Church. The Communists run the Church in China and The Politically Correct Relativists run it in Canada. Tom’s friends were The Church and gathered as Church at Professor Landers home. These were God’s people and lived as His people as a way of life.
    Bill C-389 is before the Senate right now, The Transgendered Bathroom Bill that adds Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act. Thus giving the legitimizing right for men to use woman’s Bathrooms, thereby giving the legal right sexual predators desire. If this Bill passes The Senate the proof that the real Church is underground in Canada is very real. Please tell your Senators to vote against this bad legislation thus preventing it from becoming Canadian Law.

  2. The Canadian Catholic Church is not suing prolifers. Raymond Gravel (the person) is suing Lifesite. That’s all. Gravel has the same rights as any other Canadian citizen. If he wants to sue someone he can try. I doubt this will go anywhere anyway. It reads like a nuisance suit. I think something happened to Gravel and he’s lashing out. He’s a troubled man and he needs our prayers.

    I don’t know if Bishop Lussier is away or not but I doubt his spokesman has the authority to freely speak for the bishop. Besides we don’t know what goes on behind the scene. Let’s wait and see. We don’t have enough information yet to be sure or anything.

  3. Any priest is under obedience to his bishop.
    Fr. Gravel spoke of the matter to his bishop, so the bishop can’t claim ignorance.
    There are only two outcomes possible: Either the bishop forbade him from doing this, or the bishop gave him the green light.
    If it’s the latter, the bishop is an accomplice to the evil act.
    If it’s the former, we should be hearing from the bishop very soon to distance himself from Fr. Gravel and reprimand him.

    I agree that the suit is frivolous and no sane judge will rule for Fr. Gravel. But just the process will cost LSN so much cash that they will be in serious trouble.

  4. Raymond Gavel in 2004 said in a radio interview, ” I am pro-choice and there is not a Bishop on earth that will prevent me from receiving Communion , not even the Pope.”
    In 2008 Gavel defended awarding Henry Morgentaler The Order Of Canada.
    Even though verifiable evidence, common sense , scientific facts reveal the high health risks of homosexuality and abortion , Gavel has repeatedly publicly criticized Church teachings.
    LifeSiteNews has only repeated what Gavel himself has said. Through reasoned debate using verifiable evidence we must defeat harmful ideas, legislation, and bad Church policy while we show love and respect to the people promoting them.

  5. We’ll all know soon enough.

    But as a point of fact, as far as we know, he is still a priest who is being permitted by his bishop to launch his lawsuit against pro-lifers. That implicates the whole hierarchy.

    Until we know more, that’s where things sit.

  6. When a Priest goes against Church Teaching and remains a Priest there is a problem with the Church. LifeSiteNews has only repeated what Gavel has said .
    We always have work to do as there is always someone ready to do mischief.
    Through reasoned debate using verifiable evidence we must defeat harmful ideas, mischievous legislation and diabolic Church policy while we show love and respect to the people promoting them. Professors Tom Landers and Walter Szetela and friends have led us to victory in reversing bad legislation and Supreme Court Law with raising the age of sex consent in 2008. We plugged the legal loop hole human traffickers and pedophiles used to legally exploit Canadian Children. We must continue to live rightly as a way of life.

  7. Time will tell.

    As we know Raymond Gravel is no stranger to the Vatican.

    * Gravel is quoted as saying “My bishop even received a letter from the Holy See saying that if I continue in my opposition to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, I would have to face the consequences.” It is reported that the author of that letter was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

    * Raymond Gravel was suspended by his bishop. (Dismissing him entirely from the clerical state requires a canonical trial.)

    * Gravel remarks against Cardinal Ouellet prolife views are published shortly before the Cardinal is made Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and heads off to Rome.

    We wait…

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