Catholic Bishops Need Repentance Not Recycling

Just let it all hang out.  Purge this filth…every…last…bit…of…it.

As I have been pointing out in Socon or Bust’s investigative reports into Development & Peace, the Canadian Bishops and the hierarchy all around the world need to stop this administrative shuffling and truly repent.

I guess the only way of getting them to do it is to expose this garbage.

That is not to say that the flock is not in need of some serious repentance too.  After all, what is open and plain for the public to be “scandalized by” with the Bishops only shows the hypocrisy of the clucking, self righteous bigots in the secular world.  If it’s like this in the Catholic Church, please rest assured that it is exponentially much worse in the professions of trust like teaching and coaching.  And we won’t even peel back what happens in the secrecy of families

Bob’s your uncle and there’s a pretty good chance that he’s a pervert too.

As I have told the bishops of Canada many times in the past:  “And as the fathers lead, the children will follow“.  I originally meant that statement as a way out of the gutter, but I just realized now that it applies the other way too.

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