Catholic Bishops: Lost fatherhood, just another academic question

In a statement by the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario dated January 14, but released today on the ACBO website, the Bishops sidestep the matter of the existing Halton policy and focus on the GSAs saying that anti-bullying programs are supported by the bishops for all those experiencing bullying but those programs should be consistent with the Catholic fatih.

The statement

The debate surrounding Gay/Straight Alliances (GSAs) in Catholic high schools is being complicated by the fact that people are not distinguishing between an objective and a strategy. GSAs are a strategy that some people propose to achieve an objective with which the Bishops of Ontario are in agreement: that all students in schools feel safe and respected. Our objective is that each student be treated with dignity, for each is a child of God. It is not right or fair to suggest that one particular strategy is the only way to achieve a given goal. We seek to achieve the goal of a safe and loving environment for all students in a way that is in harmony with our faith.


Like I said in my earlier post about their response:

Likely nothing…at least not anything that is proportional to the treachery of the so-called “Catholic” trustees.

Milksop response. Milksop results.  Just putn’ their time in ’till retirement.  Sending off the obligatory directive.  Making the customary objection.  Framing it in such a merely academic way.  Mark my words.  They’ve issued their communiqué.  There won’t be any action taken against the School Board.  Everything’s back on track with the Gay Agenda.

It amazes me how these bishops think that their milk-toast response actually has no consequences to them or their office.   They are counting on us having the useful idiot syndrome, again, like with Development & Peace.  “Everything’s OK. Just a small adjustment required”

Hey bishop!  If you can’t do the job of protecting Catholic education, GET OUT OF DODGE AND LET SOME REAL MEN DO IT.

Just what self-respecting father would trust these men with protecting their children’s spiritual and emotional equilibrium?  They’re so stoned on social justice that the thick haze is preventing them from seeing the ravenous wolves inside their own house.  They’re like ecclesiastical Teletubbies who refuse to recognize the Sodom and Gomorrah that they have helped usher in decades ago.

That’s why in my house, sadly, I’ve become bishop in so many areas….because we have no chief pastors.  Just pseudo-pious men in pious collars.

3 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops: Lost fatherhood, just another academic question

  1. Although I agree that he could have said it with more clarity and authority (need a good dose of the Holy Spirit), he is still saying that GSA’s aren’t in harmony with our faith, and hence should not be permitted in Catholic schools. For this I’m grateful, and hopefully Catholic trustees will use this guidance when making decisions regarding GSA’s. We’ll see if this has any impact on the Halton board’s deliberations (this week).

    With regards to the existing Halton policy, it is a much stronger (i.e. in accordance with our faith, and less ambiguous) policy than the policy used by most Catholic school boards which opted to go with the template policy provided to them by the Ontario bishops. Because the bishops provided the template policy, it isn’t likely they will criticize or correct a board if it decides to move to it from their existing one. It would make them look really silly if they did.

    This whole controversy highlights to a great degree how weak the bishop’s template policy is. When you have gay activists pushing for the Bishop’s policy to be put in place (so that they can have their GSA’s), you know something just isn’t right (i.e. spidey-sense going through the roof).

  2. So the Halton School Board ignored the “advice” of the Bishop Collins and determined that GSA’s were indeed necessary to make kids feel safe. Surprised….no….though still disappointing. The entire Catholic school system has gotten so used to having “limp-wristed” bishops just trying to “get along” with everyone over all these years that they no longer even care what they think anymore — not like they’re going to pull the Catholic name on the schools or anything. The quote from the Director of Education for the Board said,

    “The most compelling voices on this issue have come from some of the students in our care, who have expressed to us that they don’t always feel included and they have not always felt safe, and we need to listen to the voices of our students. Those voices are for us the most significant, and we are responding to that articulated need for support,” said Michael Pautler, Director of Education for the Halton Catholic District School Board. (National Post)

    Ok, so because some kids don’t feel safe we need to provide them forums that celebrate inclinations that are intrinsically disordered. How about using the teachings of the Church to determine what’s in the best interests of our kids and go from there. The whole thing is such a sham, and it is all enabled by the feeble leadership of our bishops and the passivity of many parents.

    The few loyal Catholic trustees that are out there need bold authoritative leadership from the bishops on these issues in order to support what good they are trying to accomplish in our schools. Don’t hold your breath though, there is little evidence to show that that is going to change any time soon.

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