Catholic bishops complicit in scandalous sabotage of the pro-life cause in Canada

Wow. This is explosive.

And just as I was — for a split second — feeling kind of sorry for the Canadian bishops.  If this is not a story that makes the Holy Spirit say, “What fer, Dronebuster?  You were on the right track“, I don’t know what does.

The reality here, folks, is what it has always been.  Until the bishops of this country get on their knees and beg for forgiveness from Almighty God for their decades-long betrayal, nothing is going to change in Canada.  The battle that we face is not political or social or even moral.  It’s spiritual — at least at its foundation.

I remember asking one prominent Canadian bishop to support the Humanae Vitae Conference we held back in 2006.  He told me and my partner who were organizing it:  “You cannot say anything about the Winnipeg Statement.”

And there you are, folks.

2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, and also the 50th anniversary of its treacherous betrayal by the Canadian Bishops.

You might have some platitude in recognition of Humanae Vitae’s anniversary, but it will be crickets where the Winnipeg Statement is concerned. Guar-onteed.

It will take another 50 years before all of the rot in the episcopacy is completely cleaned out in this country, and then, just maybe we can finally take down abortion.

Until then, it’s tragic shame will be a blight on this country and the Church in it.  For shame. For shame.

2 thoughts on “Catholic bishops complicit in scandalous sabotage of the pro-life cause in Canada

  1. The whole idea of national bishops’ conferences should be scrapped. These organizations like the CCCB end up cozying up to the prevailing culture and betraying Christ’s and His Church’s teachings.

  2. The Temples and Bishops of devils,or the new religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism and its sexology.Now you know why children no longer are led in The Lord’s Prayer in Western Schools by their school teachers,and Catholic and Protestant clergy obey their new Secular Humanist elected representatives,over Lord Christ.The West went through Two World Wars as Christian Countries in Government,Law and Education.Starting in 1962 the majority bought the Secular Humanist lie that Christianity was UnConstitutional in Government,Law and Education,and so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism Constitutional.The New Religion-Worldview of Secular Humanism started legalizing its values of no-fault divorce,abortion,homosexuality,pornography Sercular Humanist rights.In a democracy the laws of the land reflect the values of the people.
    After World War Two,The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for the crimes against humanity of encouraging and compelling abortions.The Nazis said they did not break their law.The Nazi Supreme Court and Government passed laws legalizing these activities,but that did not save the Nazi leaders. Does the Nazi excuse sound familiar?
    Trials of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:USGPO,Volume IV page 610.
    Margaret Sanger,the Smithsonian Institutes hero,and founder of Planned Parenthood was supportive,”more children from the fit,less from the unfit”.BIRTH CONTROL REVIEW,volume 3,number 5,May 1919,page 2.

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