Catholic Bishops Battling Rubber-Pushers in Philippines while D&P keeps financing them

“The Catholic bishops of the Philippines have denounced a new effort by that country’s government to combat the spread of AIDS by distributing free condoms. The bishops argue that the condom-oriented approach sends a dangerous message, encouraging promiscuity, when only sexual restraint will be effective in halting the spread of the disease.” (Source)

Meanwhile, Development & Peace’s partner there, Freedom from Debt  Coalition, continues to do their part for “economic justice and empowerment”:

Because of large unmet needs for modern contraception and related reproductive health services and education, half of the 3 million pregnancies occurring every year are reported as unplanned, with one-third ending up in abortion. Induced abortions are the fourth leading cause of maternal deaths in the Philippines. Access to reproductive health care hardly budged from 49 % in 2001 to 50.6 % in 2006, still far from the targeted increase to 60 % access by 2010 and 80 % by 2015. The slow decline is attributed to inadequate access to comprehensive reproductive health services by women, and also adolescents and men.


The right to health is already constrained, as it were, by gender norms and patriarchal biases…


Remember, folks, during this Lent your bishop will be sending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Catholic money to help prop up this garbage.  Nothing like contributing to “social justice”, I’d say.  I’m sooooooooo thrilled to see that, about a year since the cork was popped on this bottle, we’re still the useful idiots of the “reproductive health”, pro-abort lobby.

Apparently, if you’re a Canadian bishop these days, you need a committee and conference to tell you to do what my 6 year-old would do immediately.  CUT OFF THE MONEY RIGHT NOW.


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