“Catholic” Anti-Catholic Bigots

The great threat to religious freedom today in the West is not Islamicists.  It’s former or nominal Catholics who rely on “Da Vinci” code journalism to form their views on Catholicism. Gilles Duceppe and Pat Martin are a sad and pathetic prime example of this. Instead of relying on the reality of who Opus Dei really is, they prefer the “scholarship” of Hollywood personalities who feed on ignorance and bigotry to peddle their product. It’s quite embarrassing indeed that bigot-Parliamentarians would descend to such a trashy form of bigotry. Like so many areas in our dumbed-down society, even anti-Catholic bigotry – once given a veneer of respectability and scholarship – has also hit the gutter, big time. It’s a sad sign indeed that Party leaders and the socialists prefer Dan Brown and Tom Hanks as references for their absurd caricatures of religion and Catholic groups in particular.

The truth, however, is decidedly different:

I admit it: I wanted an Opus Dei friend so I could shock the liberals in my life, and perhaps seem like I had a few exotic secrets of my own. And I thought it would be nice to have a friend who was more right wing than me. To my regret, Msgr. Dolan is just a mild-mannered priest and worse, Opus Dei doesn’t have any secret handshakes or midnight meetings. I don’t want to sound lazy or selfish, but joining Opus Dei sure looks like a lot of do-goodery and just plain work (I asked Msgr. Dolan for a brochure and I read it carefully, even looking for hidden clues). I already had enough pro bono commitments and I didn’t need any more. (As a Jew, I could join Opus Dei as an associate member). I’ve stayed in touch with Msgr. Dolan since then and we’re friendly. I admire his charity and his ecumenicalism. He sends me notes from time to time, about Passover or Holocaust remembrance, and he always asks when I’ll be in Montreal again. In seven years, he’s never tried to put the shadowy moves on me, and I’m starting to worry that he never will….(Source)

The priest in the following clip is Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. As you will see, he’s very “scary”.  Does it seem to you, dear reader, that Pat Martin and Gilles Duceppe’s paranoia over Opus Dei is well founded?  Don’t they know how to search YouTube and watch some video clips from its founder?

If these fools can have such a skewed and disordered view of religious freedom, just what kind of trust can Canadians place in them in public policy matters?  For all their frantic bigot-mongering and charges of religious fundamentalism having an influence on MPs, the Left in this country need to get a reality check.  Religion is not the problem; their hatred of people who believe in it is. It’s politicians like Duceppe and Martin and their totalitarian impulse to exclude people of faith from politics that is the problem.

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