Gruesome abortion pics: controversial but effective

From a friend:

November 27, 2015

My name is __________. I am a 38 year old man. About 4 years ago, I was driving into _________________ when I pulled up behind a small moving truck with a giant photo of an aborted baby printed on the back of the vehicle. At the time I remember being disgusted and angry. I thought, how dare someone insert that obscene image into my mind.

Over the next few years with that image seared into my brain, I began to think about abortion, for the first time in my life. Until then, I had absolutely no opinion on the matter. I thought abortion was just a medical procedure like flicking off a light, a biological process was being halted, really before it even began. It was that photo that shattered that naive belief. I began to realize that abortion wasn’t just flushing a small mass of unrecognizable cells out of the body, it was something a lot more disturbing.

Then more time passed and I learned more about the issue. I learned that most people, know very little about abortion, including fetal development, the number of abortions performed in this country, the stages of pregnancy that these abortions occur and the laws dealing with abortion. I was shocked to learn that there are no legal restrictions on abortion at any time and for any reason.

That picture of the aborted baby, was initially very offensive to me, but now, I am grateful for it. Although it has opened up new darker view of the world, it is at least a more accurate view. I am glad there are people fighting for the voiceless.

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – The Rattling of the Abortion Establishment

This year’s March for Life was another resounding success, with an estimated 25,000 people attending the popular family event.  (Never mind what the CBC reported.  Do you really care or expect any differently?)

There were also a few notable events that occurred this year that bear mentioning.

Bishop Fabbro, who was in the past criticized for being soft on the pro-life witness, stepped up to the plate and exhorted Catholics to stand firm in the face of a hostile culture of death:

“It’s important for us as Catholics, as followers of Jesus, not to be silent,” Fabbro emphasized. “To stand up for what we believe. To stand up, show our solidarity for the vulnerable, the poor, for the unborn, people young and old, people from all parts of our country will be speaking out with one voice: abortion is wrong. “It violates a fundamental human right: the right to life.” “It takes courage to stand up for what we believe. We can count on being ridiculed and silenced. The message we keep hearing from the secular society in which we live is that we have no business bringing our religious convictions into the public square,” he added. (Source)

During the previous evening at the Human Rights monument, one teacher on the front-lines in our Catholic schools related a story of inspiration:

Paul Coates, a teacher from Fr. Austin Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario, told the numerous young people in the crowd to be courageous in defending life. “Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Go into your schools and be pro-life.” Coates shared how his decades long effort to create a pro-life environment in his school led to students booing a number of politicians who visited his school one day and admitted they were for abortion. (Source)

And from prison itself, the indomitable and pro-life heroine, Mary Wagner, sent participants words of hope and encouragement:mfl-2014-2

We are entrusted with children as a family but also as a society and we are responsible for them before God. If we are Christians we know that the Commandment to love is not limited to our family, and therefore we must extend our love to others, especially to the most neglected and abandoned. (Source)

Now, with the back-drop of all these inspirational messages and stories, we need to understand that public pro-life witness is not all a bed of roses.  This year, for instance, we were graced with another attempted disruption by FEMEN – the nutty bare-breasted young women who think baring their breasts will advance the abortion argument in their favour.  Strange but true.

But that was not the only thing shaking at this year’s March for Life.  No indeed.  Every year, the abortion edifice becomes a little less stable, a little less solid.  Every year, another nail is popped. Another year, and the public becomes a little less sure of abortion.  In fact, I noticed just that as I walking down Elgin Street during the March. I happened to look to my left and saw three young women who were rather shocked and perplexed…confused even.  Maybe everyone isn’t as pro-choice as the media says they are.  Maybe I need to rethink my views on the subject.  Maybe all these people marching here are on to something. There is something being dislodged in this country, and that something is the grip that abortion has on us.  The slow collapse is not really noticeable.  But it’s there.  Social movements are all about momentum and projection.  And right now, it’s all going our way. We just need to be vigilant and keep at it.

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Drop Box movie

From a friend:

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of a “drop box” for unwanted babies. As an alternative to aborting a baby, some places have developed a system of drop boxes, where a baby can be left, with the assurance that someone will take the child and care for him/her.

These drop boxes are usually in a hospital, or other safe institution, where a special door is devised with a large enough opening into which a baby can be placed safely and deposited inside a warm shelter. An employee is notified immediately by a buzzer to go and gather the child. The process is anonymous, so the mom need not fear repercussions. Instead of aborting the baby, the child can be brought to full term, and then discreetly placed into the care of someone who is willing to raise the little one.

A documentary called “The Drop Box” is in Ottawa during the first week in March. It’s about such a project in a South Korean orphanage. It is a wonderful story of love.

Full details can be found at the following link:

The movie is playing in Ottawa.


Wednesday, March 4th and Thursday, March 5th @ 7:30pm: Cineplex Odeon South Keys – 2214 Bank St. (613-736-1115) Tickets: $14.95 (all in)

Wednesday, March 4th @ 7:30 pm SilverCity Gloucester – 2385 City Park Dr. (613-749-5112) Tickets: $14.95 (all in)

Thursday, March 5th @ 7:30pm: Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata – 801 Kanata Ave (613-599-5500) Tickets: $12.25 (all in)

Last chance to save Ontario’s pro-life doctors

Unless you want to see all pro-life doctors forbidden from practising in Ontario, you’d better move now. See the message below.


Dear Friends,

I have received an urgent request from our pro-life doctors.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has made it clear that if Catholic doctors do not wish to comply with a patient’s request for assisted suicide or for an abortion, they should get out of family practice. [Note: this will also apply to non-Catholic pro-life doctors]

People become doctors because they are called to a vocation of healing. They are in the business of healing not hurting, of respecting and enhancing a person’s quality of life; Catholic physicians believe in the sanctity of human life. They are not in the business of ending a life, rather they are dedicated to the healing process. With this current ruling, their conscience is of no avail. They are being told to leave their careers behind if they don’t conform with the regulations of the CPSO.

This is an urgent call to prayer. Pray for our Catholic doctors. [And non-Catholic pro-life doctors too. But don’t stop at prayer. See the next line.]

You can also respond by contacting the CPSO. We have until February 20.

The draft policy has been posted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario web site ( Comments are invited up to February 20.

The CPSO policy committee will review the input and then bring a final policy to the full council of the college in May or June.

Please pass this information along.


Copied below from the CPSO website:

College Launches Consultations on Policies and Transparency By-lawsConsultation Includes Human Rights, End-of-Life Care and Consent to Treatment Policies

Dec 11, 2014

Toronto – The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario today launched a series of consultations on important issues affecting physicians and patients.  The issues include draft policies on Human Rights, End-of-Life Care and Consent to Treatment, as well as a number of by-law changes that could make more information about physicians available to the public.

“The consultations are an opportunity for the public and others to provide the College with insight and feedback to ensure the policies reflect current standards and are consistent with our mandate to protect the public,” said College President Dr. Carol Leet.

Starting today, the public can provide input around proposed new policies in a number of areas, including:

·  Professional Obligations and Human Rights – Sets expectations to provide health services without discrimination, and to accommodate individuals who may face barriers to accessing care. Under the proposed policy, physicians would be required to refer patients to other doctors for services they object to on moral or religious grounds.

. Planning for and Providing Quality End-of-Life Care – Updates the College’s professional expectations of physicians and provides guidance on a range of issues relating to quality end-of-life care. Under the proposed policy, there are new communications guidelines for end-of-life care.

· The updated Consent to Treatment policy sets our expectations of physicians and provides guidance regarding their obligations to obtain consent prior to providing treatment.

Increasing the amount of physician-specific information that is available to the public has been a College priority for more than two years. As part of that initiative, the College is seeking public input on new transparency by-laws that would see additional information posted on the public register, such as information resulting from the investigative process that is not currently public.  The proposal also includes adding information which may be obtained elsewhere, but is not always easy to access, such as criminal charges against physicians and whether they have licences in other jurisdictions.

“While the College has always been a leader with respect to our transparency practices, we believe that providing access to additional physician-specific information may help patients make informed choices and enhance our accountability to the public,” said Dr. Leet.

For more information, and to participate in the consultation, please consult the CPSO website at


Media Inquiries 
Kathryn Clarke
416-967-2600, extension 378

Prithi Yelaja
416-967-2600, extension 402

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario,

80 College Street, Toronto, Ontario  M5G 2E2

40 Days for Life Takes Over Texas Planned Parenthood Facility!

How sweet is this?

The Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Bryan/College Station, Texas (near Texas A&M University), has closed its doors for good.
And it gets even better.
10 years after beginning outside that same abortion facility, 40 Days for Life is moving its headquarters into the former Planned Parenthood building! This is the same clinic once directed by pro-lifer Abby Johnson.
Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life (Thomas More Society’s client) said: “More than 6,400 children lost their lives in this building, but God is making ‘all things new.’ What was once a place of death and despair is now going to be a place of life and hope.” (Source)

Thanks be to God.

Life Chain 2014 – Get out of the way

Unlike last year’s Life Chain where we experienced some rather cold and rainy weather, today’s event occurred on a sunny and crisp Autumn day.   We had a good turn out at Merivale and Meadowlands in Ottawa with about 70 people turning out.  This year’s event was marked by lots of noise, particularly honking.   I wasn’t really paying attention whether the honking was accompanied by smiles and waves or if they were accompanied by the middle finger.  Someone told me after the Chain was over that it was about a 10:1 ratio in our favour.  That’s good news.

After the first 10 minutes or so, I made my way away from the sidewalk and took my place on Piggy, Piggy Island so I could get the most attention at the traffic coming from all directions.  I don’t know what it was this year, but I didn’t feel anxious at all.  Not a damn bit.  We have a job to do so we need to do it and not worry about the consequences.  Blessed are those who don’t worry about their reputation, or what other people think of them for the sake of the unborn.  A great and terrible day is coming when every man and woman will be held to account for what they did and what they did not do in support of these innocent babies.  Because to reject them is to reject Jesus.  And you can’t go to heaven if you’re murdering Jesus, or standing by foolishly, letting it happen.

Away from me foolish servant, for I never knew you! 

There were two notable incidents that occurred this year.  The first was quite sad.  Some foolish kid yelled out of the passenger’s side of this one car,  “Abort all the babies!”.   Think of that for a moment.  It’s no longer about choice. It’s just about mass murder to avoid responsibility.   In principle, our opponents have no problem with this because they believe in absolute choice, and absolute choice means to leave open the possibility of total annihilation of the entire human race.  This is the great sadness and poverty of abortionism.

The other incident was also quite upsetting.  As I was standing there on the island, taking about 1 foot of the space of a 12 foot concrete pad, this woman was walking towards me from the opposite side.  As she approached me, she did not move to her immediate right where she had 11 feet to pass by.  Instead she walked right towards me and stopped about six inches away.  “Get out of the way”, she said abruptly.  So I stepped to the left and let her pass.  As I stood there, I thought to myself about how poignant the whole thing was.   I had every right to stay as I was.  I was not obstructing anything and she did not have any legal right to make me move.  She was just being a bully…like all pro-aborts are.   I could have held my ground and told her to sod off, but we all know what could have happened, and there’s a no-win situation with people in the pro-life movement in this situation.  The calls to shut us down would have been too great if there was any kind of self-defense on my part.  So I just let it go.  But as I stood there reflecting on her command, “get out of the way”, I realized that it was so emblematic of the whole pro-abortion movement towards anyone or anything that is in their way, whether that’s the unborn baby who is mercilessly removed from “their way” or whether it’s their opponents who have every right to the public square.

Pro-abortionists are just bullies at heart.

Past Life Chains: