Vatican Strong Arms Faithful Priest-Reporter

Pope Francis has styled himself as a pope who wants a more collaborative approach to how the Church functions.  Since his election, he has emphasized this collegial approach, even to the point of identifying himself as “bishop of Rome”, instead of “the Pope”.  But more and more, it’s becoming evident that the people he has put in charge of many things don’t share this open approach.

In point of fact, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen the tendency of clerics to abuse their power and presume to control and suppress opinions that they just don’t like.  The latest evidence of this can gleaned by the latest scandal coming out of the Synod where a Catholic priest had his press credentials revoked.

Amid continuing concern about the Vatican press office’s “manipulation” of the family synod’s message, a priest who has been covering Vatican news for over 15 years had his credentials revoked last week, and was told to leave the premises “immediately.” The revocation came after he had challenged an archbishop following the October 6 press conference over comments claiming that allowing Communion for the divorced and remarried is up for debate.

Now you might think that this is a new development in the Catholic Church.  But really it’s not that new.  Readers will recall what happened here in Canada a few years ago when John Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews was barred from covering the Plenary Session of the CCCB.  The heat surrounding the Development and Peace abortion scandal was way too much for the CCCB’s media handlers.  They decided to pull the plug and ban independent media scrutiny.   What was Fr. Rosica’s role in that decision?  One can only speculate.  However, it would not be out of character to believe he had some role in it, considering these comments he famously made during this interview:

The reality of what is happening today, however, is just a logical continuation of what we have seen in the past, except that instead of it weakening the Canadian Church, this putsch has been exported to the universal church.  It’s quite sad to see, and it represents yet another “gift” that the Canadian Church has given to the Universal one.  Along with the Winnipeg Statement, the Canadian “branch” has very little to be proud of indeed.  We are an international embarrassment, and the devil’s dupes on the world stage.  Jesus have mercy on us.

Communication Directors

You know, I think such a position is really not good for the Church…either in the dioceses or in the Vatican.  Look at what is transpiring during the Synod.  Fr. Rosica speaks. Everyone finds major problems with his distorted reporting.  In all my years of blogging, I have never really seen anything really beneficial come from Communication Directors.  And I’ve seen plenty which has has been problematic and scandalous.

So why have them?  If the Pope or a Bishop wants to say something and represent the Church or the Diocese, LET HIM SAY IT HIMSELF, and let everyone accept or reject their words.

We don’t need filters.  Because when you have filters, you lose a lot of taste and sometimes the very substance of the truth.

Not many people have been commenting on this, but it really needs to be said and addressed in the Church.  Is the Church now some secular organization or government that it needs official talking heads to “interpret” the message for us?

If you think about it, it’s quite insulting.

Mud on face: world leaders weren’t at Paris march after all

The media treated us to several pictures appearing to show many heads of state leading the million-strong march for freedom of speech in Paris. For example, the picture below.


However, The Independent has revealed some new angles of those photos which show that the heads of state were not at the march at all. They were on a closed street posing for a staged photo opp. See picture below.


This latest revelation has led to a flurry of rebukes from the media. Read the full story here.

So much for our fearless leaders.

I have another question: wasn’t it the media who reported the original pics with headlines about how brave those heads of state were in marching with the people? Who’s really to blame for the misrepresentation?

Full Transcript of Buzzfeed’s Interview with Cardinal Burke — Contrast to Kasper!

I can’t speak for the pope and I can’t say what his position is on this, but the lack of clarity about the matter has certainly done a lot of harm.  (Source)

Now, folks, notice that Cardinal Burke told the truth about what he said precisely.  And he was proved to be correct as the above transcript shows.

And Cardinal Kasper?  He lied about what he said to the Press.  And that was also recorded.

After you compare and contrast, say with me….


Michael Coren: Evolving Right Out of the Church (Again…Again)

Sad. Very Sad.

Mike, in case you read this post, here are four things you need to ‘git:

1.  Please stop the pornography of victimology that you fraudulently try to trump up, creating a caricature based on the gay fantasy of your opponents.  It’s really becoming a source of fatigue.  You know, as crazy as it sounds, people can actually disagree with you without being hatey-haters.  Shocking but true!

2.  No one claimed you were “intimidated” into buying the Gay line.    You are simply in a difficult situation, having to choose between a close family member or friend and the Truth. You chose the former.  We’ll keep praying for  you, but please understand that your choice has consequences (Matthew 10:37).

3.  You cannot evolve on this “single subject” because this “single subject” – if you are honest – will force you to accept other sins which the Catholic Church categorically rejects.

4.  “Sin” and “disorder” are indeed ugly terms, but that doesn’t mean they should not be used.  The Catechism uses them a lot  – especially in talking about homosexual acts.  Have you heard of the Catechism, Mike? It’s a big book which John Paul II called a “sure norm for teaching the Faith”.  Check it out some time.

By the way, if you must carry on about your new evolution, please be so kind as to distance and disclaim any association with Catholic teaching on the subject.  I trust that you still value integrity.  We expect you to show it.

Mainstream Catholic Media Throw Unborn Under The Bus

….to declare Mandela a saint!

Via Catholic Register.

It really is an astounding thing and shows in a crystal clear fashion how the vast majority of the institutional and professional Catholics in the Church simply do not put any sort of moral weight on abortion or those who advocated for it. 

Is it any wonder why we have not made any headway in society with abortion?  It’s because the Catholic Church, its leadership and its Press are the REAL PROBLEM.  They have to be evangelized first.  They have to be confronted first.  They have to be challenged first and asked quite simply just why the hell are they canonizing and blowing daffodils and roses up the ying yangs of pro-abortion politicians?

Do the bodies of unborn children mean so little to them that they cannot reflect for a moment on what they are doing?  Can they not see that their words of unqualified praise for a pro-abortion politician have cheapened human life and given scandal?

You see, folks, it’s all quite simple.  There is no hesitation for the the go-along gang to trample over the unborn in a rush to get to the parade of the next secular saint.  Whether it’s Jack Layton or Nelson Mandela, when the time is right and their partners in the secular press say “let’s all give praise and thanksgiving for a great man of human rights!”, everybody in officialdom grabs their violins and tambourines because it’s time for a parade, man! 

Everybody luuuuuuuuuuuuves a parade, even if that parade path is lined with the innocent corpses of unborn childrenBut don’t the balloons and floats look marvelous, darling?